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2007 Avanti For Sale on eBay


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  • 3 weeks later...

No, they don't depreciate that much, those that were listed were purchased for far less than sticker when Avanti Motors closed up shop (look on the Yahoo groups site where you will find the factory fire sale price sheets posted)! The red convertible for example was an Ebay listing from '07 and, if you look it up you will find the last sale price. Most went for 38-48K at that time and the lack of support (for the body and many interior parts) has made them a tougher purchase decision than the older models with plenty of vendor support. Keep in mind that the '05 body and interior were 1 year only designs and the '06 & '07s are unique as well sharing little, if anything, with even the '00-'04s! The current economic climate (worldwide) is, of course, not helping either as the funds for such purchases are drying up (at least in the case of the home equity loan spenders who now have LOTS of toys for sale) as well!

Sad but true!

Let's hope that the textbook definition of phoenix (Avanti Motors) can pull off a rebirth some day!

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