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My Avanti

Found 4 results

  1. Greenfield man restores classic sports cars he fell in love with as kid People from all over the country take their classic sports cars to Mike Baker in Greenfield at Avanti Restoration & Service. This story and video ran on Indianapolis television station WTHR on May 13, 2022. Link: Avanti Restoration and Service
  2. Hello everyone! I made a review on a 1978 Avanti II which I think you will all enjoy. In the video, I take a detailed look at the exterior and interior of the Avanti, take it for a drive, and give my thoughts on the vehicle. I'd really appreciate it if you all took a look at the video. Thank you and I hope you'll enjoy the video! - James W. Video Link: 1978 Avanti II Review
  3. Hi All, I'm a long time viewer, but first time poster. I have recently inherited my Dad's '63 R1 A/T (he was the 2nd owner, had it since ~1993 or so; 1st owner was his best friend who purchased it new in southern California). It has been parked for the last ~20 years in central Texas (covered; ran when parked). I'm currently in the process of trying to move it from it's storage location to my house, but have been unable to get it out of park. I have not tried starting it yet, and don't plan to until I get it back to my house ~100 miles away where I have tools and garage space to work on getting it up and running again (he stopped driving it back then due to a recurring charging system problem). For now, I'm just trying to get it rolling to push it down a really narrow driveway and onto a flatbed or trailer to get it back to my house. I've not yet spent much time with it, but would be grateful for any initial diagnostic guidance the community can offer about getting it out of park (I should clarify that it's the original borg warner 3 speed automatic). I haven't done much more than: Trying to rock it back and forth to make sure the parking pawl isn't stuck, to no avail (it's parked on almost perfectly level ground). The plunger on the shift lever seems to depress all the way I sprayed down the linkages with Kroil as best I could from the top of the shift lever (basically just aiming the straw down the opening where the shift lever goes into the console) My next step is to get it in the air and see what I can see from underneath (and to relieve any additional binding from the drivetrain that might be holding the parking pawl in place). I'll be doing that this weekend Am I correct that there are no other types of "interlocks" that might be holding it in park (e.g. - no ignition key or brake pedal interlocks, etc.)? I have a workshop manual and factory parts book from studebaker international, but am not quite sure what I should be looking for (logically, I can only reason that it's a problem either *outside* the transmission, such as frozen/rusted linkages, or *inside* the transmission, such as a bound parking pawl). I really want to minimize the invasiveness of any procedures I try until I have it back to my house. My fallback will be to drop the driveshaft just to get it rolling, but I'd prefer to just get the transmission freed-up if possible (I live on a hill, so would sure be nice to have a functional 'park' once I get it to my house and off the transport vehicle/trailer) Thanks in advance for any guidance y'all can provide! Rob
  4. As a former Studebaker Packard New Car Dealer - Barton Sales & Service, Ohio, USA, one of our specialties is Personally hand-blowing, making, and signing STUNNING AVANTI DEALERSHIP SHOWROOM NEON SIGNS. Your choice of sizes and Dazzling Neon Colors - custom made to order for YOUR Avanti model. Optional Barton Sales & Service Studebaker Packard Dealership signed brass plaque in front - with top two lines customized any way you wish - Perhaps your name, year and model of Avanti, etc. Have helped many Avanti owners over the years - glad to help you, too. Recently shipped an Avanti Neon Showpiece to a proud Avanti owner in Australia. As featured at the awards banquet behind the speaker's podium at the South Bend, Indiana National Avanti Meet a few years back. Mention AOAI for Specials during this month of August. John Barton - Internationally Renowned Neon Glassblower & Light Sculptor, Ohio, USA. Shipping everywhere across the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia. Finest Quality with Attention to Detail. Photo featuring cobalt blue and ruby red - both luscious Stained Murano Italian Glass Neon Colors. Website: BartonNeonMagic.com . Email: info@BartonNeonMagic.com , or Call: 513-423-2618.
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