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  1. If you were retired and had no better way to spend a month, I guress you could do it at the Museum. Park your RV out back and hunker down with a laptop and reading glasses. It might be fun, certainly, it appeals to the nerd in me. :D

    Well, I'm recently retired, but my wife is firmly convinced that I am already hunkered down all too much of my life in front of the iMac! You are right, it would be a major research project to explore all the major options and potential combination of those options. Note that I asked the question but I'm slow to volunteer for the project!


  2. This is a novice question, I've been an Avanti owner all of six weeks. My recently purchased '63 R2 (built January '63) sustained front end body damage back in the early 1970's. The long-time owner of the car returned it to Avanti Motors in South Bend for repairs. Records of those repairs accompany the car. The nose section, hood and front fenders were replaced. Among the results is a late type battery tray (certainly not a bad thing). Under the hood, there are four circular holes in each of the front fenders, these communicate with the front wheel wells. Were these added to later cars to better ventilate the engine compartment? Any idea when they were introduced?


  3. I'm still pretty early in the Avanti learning curve, but I found the information at "The Avanti.com" to be really informative:


    You can click on the various interior combinations to see good illustrations. Rene Harger, one of the vendors (http://southeaststudebaker.com/) of top quality Stude interiors, has told me that there are suitable replica materials available for all the '63-'64 carpets except the '63 red/black multicolor. For those there is only the black as an substitute. Rene did a beautiful job on the Rangoon Red cut pile carpet kit for my '55 Speedster.


    "Studebaker factory carpet was a loop pile versus the cut pile. According to JDP he thinks the loop pile will be less likely to mat down over time."

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