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  1. Herb, are you sure it is the switch in the steering wheel? There is just a plate in the wheel itself and the contact point that presses on it when you push on the steering wheel arms. If it is that you can clean, adjust and file the contact. Usually there are two things that fail. One the relay itself, or the wire from the steering wheel to the relay. You can easily check by using a volt meter at the relay. Hope that this helps.

  2. Ken, just a note. Saw on the Studebaker Drivers Club site and forum that Max is in the hospital as of yesterday. Here is the note. He is doing better now based on the comments. I guess it will be a bit before he can get back to you.

    Max Corkins in Lewistown Hospital

    Admitted last week with blood sugar of 1762; pretty disoriented. He's stable now with numbers well below 400 and has lost 20 pounds. A few more hours and he wouldn't have made it. His sister saved his life.

    Room 5130

    Lewistown Hospital

    400 Highland Avenue

    Lewistown, Pa. 17044
  3. Hi all, I am looking for an oil pan for a friend who is building up an engine. The shop somehow lost the pan, go figure how they did that. So if you have one on the shelf give me an email at unimogjohn@aol.com, and will put you and the buyer in touch. TX.

  4. And change your fluid now!!!!!!!!!! You can use a little hand pump to remove the fluid, or take it out and dump out the fluid. Use ATF type F. Then run the engine for 10 to 15 minutes or so and drain again. Do this three or four times. It may save your supercharger if it is not too far gone. A rebuild these days are about $700 to 800 on average.

  5. Yes, you can get a running and driving R2 for $16K, but I bet it will still need lots of work, to include a supercharger rebuild, to make it really a good driver again. With that said, I decided to go for an original, unrestored R2. That was in October, and I am still throwing money at it to make it back on the road. You can see what I started with and what has been done to date at http://forums.aaca.org/f190/avanti-r2-1963-refresh-269244.html

    I have had a great time bringing this Avanti back from the dead. Yes, it costs money, I figure I have close to 15K in it now and need to spend at least another 5K to make it a great driver. Still a lot cheaper than any other performance car that I know of.

    John in VA

  6. Zach, I think I would agree that it is important to get the car moving, stopping, and going down the road again. I would focus on getting her on the road and leave the paint, body and interior work for later on the restoration trail. You can see what I am doing at


    I have this 63 Avanti R2 for a bit over two months and I am finally just a day or so from getting it back on the road.

    John in VA

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