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  1. If something in the brake system is dragging, it can cause the fluid to heat up (even boil) and cause a leak like this from the top of the master cylinder. No gasket will keep it from seeping until the drag is eliminated. Not saying this is what is happening with yours, but I know it can cause this problem, especially in single circuit M/Cs.

  2. On 1/8/2018 at 8:04 PM, lschuc said:

    63R-1161:┬áBlack w/red interior´╗┐

    I have owned #63R-1161 for about 13 years now. The 2nd owner (I am the 3rd owner as far as I know) painted it burgundy, but that is all chipping off and the original black clearly shows through. The engine compartment and interior of the trunk are still black. Underneath all of the trim is black. I got the build sheet for it, and am currently in the process (finally) of getting it back to "Avanti Black". Hope to have it done within the next year or so.

  3. I have a brand new set of cast iron R3 headers with standard steel stub head pipes I bought from Lionel Stone prior to his accident. The parts have never been installed.

    It is my understanding that L. Stone was the main source for the new production R3 headers. Since he has stopped making them they are probably getting HTF.

    I am willing to part with them. PM me.

  4. Thanks. I checked with Myers early on in my initial search. They have 2 repro sets, but they are understandably not for sale as they have been earmarked for restorations that are in progress. They supplied me with the most current information about why they are NLA. I have not (but will shortly) check with Brad Bez.

    If I find a nice set I Will let Paul K. know so a mold can be made.

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