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  1. I found that the AC condenser added some significant temperature, even if you were not using it (mine was not even hooked up).

    It may be that it will be too difficult to move the radiator, but so be it. I also may just end up finding a different electric fan, one with no shroud, that will actually fit on the radiator as is. Don't know yet.

    As for the electric versus mechanical fan argument/discussion that is happening, I know all this. I did not intend to debate how my mechanical fan "should" be better. I have little doubt that as far as cooling goes that a mechanical fan can move more air. The electrical fan would be for space saving and "cool" factor (that's cool as in awesome, or neat-o, or whatever). Obviously the fan I have chosen does not necessarily save much space, but as I said above, I am currently running the mechanical fan without a shroud.

    I was hoping for someone who did a full aluminium radiator swap to tell me what they did. It may come down to that for me, slightly smaller radiator to mount in the condenser position, with the e-fan.

    -Mark (yes my Avanti is modified, no I don't care....at least I drive it, do you drive yours? :D ) Aiksnoras

    Wow! When doing my Gtech testing for a couple hours, with time sitting and idling while

    TRYING to figure out the settings, my Avanti never got over 160 degrees. As a matter

    of fact, if memory serves it was at 140 most the time. It never felt, or smelled hot. :unsure:


    Tom, did you check the accuracy of your tstat? 140 seems too cold for the motor to be very efficient, and definitly too cold for an Avanti. I have heard that the tstat and guage may fail after a while. Just curious...


  2. Thanks for all the comments guys. I don't take offense, everyone is entitled to their opinions. It always keeps me thinking. Besides, nothing seemed to be a personal attack, so I am cool with it. That's what the online forums are for.

    FYI, two of my reasons for the e-fan choice were cost, and something different. Cost in that I tore up the fan shroud that was on my motor when I lost a motor mount, and the e-fan kit was cheaper than a shroud replacement. Something different in that I thought the e-fan would be a good look, and give me more room for my Paxton NOVI 1000 blower installation.

    I agree with the statement that a proper mech. fan can move more air and cool better than an electric fan of similar size. That is simply a HP to the blade issue. Those electric motors on the fan can only provide so much power in that small package.

  3. I don't know how the shoud fit in the space initially. I know that the shroud I took off the car was cut out on the bottom. Basically it was an upside down "U", it didn't do much more than provide some protection for your fingers and such while the engine was running. <_<

    -Mark Aiksnoras

    Oh, and I picked up that 5.0 kit because of the price that I got for it on e-bay. Basically $70 less than the summit racing cost of a universal kit. I figured the brackets would be simple to fabricate.

  4. Problems be damned, I'm going to investigate the radiator moving!!!! :rolleyes:

    I know what you mean about the seperated fan situation. I was taking dimensions off the Flex-a-Lite site, and looking at where the space would be. It could work, but I still think there would need to be more clearance between the bottom Stude pulley and the radiator. Right now I only have about an inch.

    I did some preliminary investigation last night, and I didn't see any real reason why I couldn't push the radiator to mount in the FRONT of the radiator support frame, instead of the rear as it is right now. I'll look again tonight, and maybe I'll see the real reason.

    Thanks Tom!

  5. So, in an effort to reduce some parasitic power loss, as well as improve cooling, I picked up a flexalite fan kit. The kit is similar in dimension to the one discussed in the 84-91 forums, although it is labeled for a Mustang 5.0. See 84-91 forum discussion

    Anyways, I opened the kit, and it looked beautiful. No doubt in my mind that it would help the car cool. What I found after removing the shroud and the mechanical fan is that the lower pulley on the motor is only about 1" away from the radiator! The fan needs 4" of clearance! Ugh.....

    Has anyone moved the stock radiator? I would really like to gain a few inches of clearance here. My other option would be to get rid of this fan ($200 anyone?) and get a pusher electric fan for the other side of the radiator.

    Thoughts and opinions anyone?

    -Mark Aiksnoras

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