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  1. I just purchased a 1989 coupe with 40K miles excellent condiition for less than $20,000. It runs ansd smells like a new car out of the show room.

    As far as daily driver, I have used my 2002 convertible since new everyday in my real estate business. It just turned 162,000 and is still going strong. Heat, snow, ice, rain, it keeps going...

  2. I snapped the gas door cover off my 2002 convertible. GM part # 10284455 (the Pontiac Firebird part) will not fit. It is 6 inches across and metal. The Avanti door is 5 inches across. In addition, the Avanti arm which attaches to the back of the door and goes into the fender is made out either plastic-like or fiberglass. The arm is the part that snapped in half. he body shop cannot glue it back together. Any thoughts? If the door itself is not Pontiac, what could it be. I hope it is not something Avanti made up.

    Ron Morrison



  3. Jim,

    I never found the back up assemblies or lights. The local Nissan dealer had no clue. No luck with the internet either. I received the taillight lenses fine. Did you what was used for front directional lenses? My 2002 now has 151,000 as I use it everyday through snow (it doesn't like it). I've owned a 63, 70, 85, and 89. The 2002 has been the best...


  4. Does anyone know if 2002 Firebird car front carpet mats fit a 2002. The passenger side has that raised floor pan on the left side of the seating area. If not, does anyone know of any custom type fit?

  5. Does anyone know how to locate a 2002 Avanti front parking light housing? I don't need the lense. The plastic housing (where the bulb plugs into) melted. I need to locate a new one to obtain an inspection sticker. The old plastic one is pretty well shot. It has a part number but it doesn't doesn't seem to match a Pontiac.

  6. There should be no reason they won't fit as the '02 is on a Trans Am platform. Are you looking for completely new design wheels or a replacement for one or more of what you have?

    The wheels that came on my '02 are AT Italia Riva's. They're available through distributors like Tire Rack and you can re-use the Avanti center cap if that's what you're looking for.

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