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  1. Thanks for all of the information! We were just trying to lower it a bit, not with the "Stude rake", as we understand the difficulties that would place on the engine. My car just looks like it sits too high, but we are playing with different kinds of tires, wheels and displacement right now that might help to make it appear to sit lower. The tires on the car right now are slightly larger than stock and the wheels are black, so they appear bulbous and oversized. My husband is really hot to try and make it lower, but sounds like it might not be worth the trouble. I will share this info with him. Thanks! Laurel

  2. Hello,

    I just purchased a 1974 Avanti II and there are a few things that I need advice on.

    The first is - I want to lower my car and was advised by a friend that one can purchase specially made springs in order to have the right effect. Has anyone out there purchased special "lowering" springs?

    The second is - the headliner behind the rollbar has come out and is hanging down. The cardboard inside is hard as a rock and warped. Has anyone steamed the cardboard and reapplied to ceiling, or actually put a new headliner in their car??

    The third is - the fabric seal around the sunroof is cracked and sunbaked. Does anyone know where to get a replacement seal?



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