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  1. There's a reason that no one uses bias ply tires anymore!!

    The bellcrank may need a rebuild and the same with the steering box (check for play overall and then isolate it) my '78 had almost 1/4 turn in the steering box and it wandered all over the place (I found this after replacing everything else that probably was OK).

    If everything is in good shape--check the alignment and make sure the tech adjusts the cam on the inside of the upper control arms. According to my father in law (a longtime stude guy!), the kingpin/trunion front suspension is VERY caster/camber sensitive.

  2. How long did it take you to get your steeltech brakes. He has had my money for 7 weeks and I still havent seen all the parts yet.

    I actually ordered the stuff last year ('05 xmas present) and it did take awhile. Then I got the early axel rear brackets instead of the later Avanti II ones (they're different). Also one of the front rotors was wrong--he corrected all of the problems without question. He's also a pain to get ahold of but he's always returned my messages (at least by the 2nd try).

  3. :) Thanks for all of the inputs. Jon Myers (and Mike the super mechanic at the shop in OK) was right about the Master Cylinder size being the problem. I ordered the early (4-bolt) booster and MC from Myers Studebaker and it worked great (the shop had to fab up a couple of new lines).

    When I get all of the back from my shop I'll pass it all on to Steeltech so he can let other guys know about this issue--the 12" big brakes need the early Avanti II Booster/MC combo if also combined with rear discs!

    Now the new question, which Lokar part number should I order for a new e-brake cable to work with the Steeltech rear disc brakes?

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