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  1. 20 hours ago, mfg said:

    Hi Dayla,  I'd speak with the mechanic who overhauled the brakes on your '83 Avanti to get his thoughts on this....He should be able to tell you the type of fluid which was used.

    Although Avanti Motors specified silicone brake fluid for their '83's, I have found (and this is only my opinion) that silicone (Dot 5) brake fluid is somewhat problematic......I use Dot 3 brake fluid in all my Studes, including my 'everyday driver' 1983 Avanti.....Best of luck!:)


  2. On 8/19/2019 at 7:48 AM, Gunslinger said:

    Since you don't know for sure what fluid was in the car, you should get the entire brake fluid system completely flushed.  DOT 5 and DOT 3 do not mix and can create an unsafe situation.  If you see any cloudiness in the fluid that's a sure sign you have DOT 3 and 5 mixed.

    I know in 1970 Avanti Motors was specifying silicone fluid (it became DOT 5 later) regardless of what the master cylinder was marked.  If Avanti Motors changed that specification I don't when or if that occurred.  I believe but again am not sure, that Avanti Motors placed a sticker on the master cylinder or near it specifying the brake fluid to use...but decals under the hood wear away and peel off with time.

    After you have your system flushed fill with one or the other but make sure you keep it that way.  

    Thank you! 

  3. 1983 with a 305, original paperwork told me use DOT 5. Bought it, added about 1/4 cup only to read on the master cylinder to use DOT 3! What?! (The cap was rusty enough to be nearly unreadable til i took some flitz to it.) So does anyone know if that master cylinder is original? think someone replaced it with the wrong one?  or the paperwork is wrong? Not cool.  That was AFTER spending way too much on new brakes too 😳😰

  4. 16 minutes ago, mfg said:

    One more thing...about the tailights...It gave me much peace of mind after adding a modern 'third' brake lamp at bottom center of the rear window on my '83. (I drive it every day)

    It seems no matter what one does to improve the visibility of Avanti tailamps, they're just too darn small!:( :D

    Thanks! Agreed! :)

  5. 44 minutes ago, mfg said:

    Hello!..When I replaced the fuel sender in my own '83 Avanti a few years ago, I used a NOS unit made for a Studebaker Avanti....It fit perfectly and to this day works just fine!

    I also replaced the fuel tank inlet hose ( it was cracked) and found the '83 hose WAS NOT the same as the Studebaker version, since when the inlet was changed to accept unleaded fuel only the factory also changed the inlet and outlet diameters of the connector hose (between inlet and fuel tank)

    As your Avanti has a Dana '44' rear end, which was used in many vehicles, the pinion seal will be readily available at your local auto parts store......Order one for the FRONT axle of a (four wheel drive) 1980 Dodge pickup truck.

    The sender and '83 style inlet hose are available from any of our Studebaker/Avanti vendors....Try SI, or Dave Thiebeault, or John Meyer.

    Thanks for all that info!!! Much appreciated!

  6. Hello, anyone know the proper fuel sending replacement or have n.o.s. for a 1983  with a 305? (And a gasket)  We tried to test it for ohms, unit is electrically open...can't test.  And while i have you here, i am in need of a fuel filler neck hose, pinion seal and shift lever button, and taillights with good reflective material still in tact.  Thanks for your time! 

  7. My dad and i pulled the tank today since we had a gas leak, strong fumes in the cabin and a fuel filter full of rust.  This car sat too long before we got it, plus the tank hasn't been filled all the way for years because of the leak, leaving too many opportunities for condensation. Also, booooo ethanol. The filler neck hose was badly deteriorated and the fuel line fitting on the tank was leaking.  The sending unit is trash. The anti-burp baffle is corroded.  Someone was in there recently and replaced the fuel return hose. They were kind enough to use body sealer to put the fiberglass panel back on lol...ugh...and many of those screws were stripped. They did not even put the nuts back on to secure the back of the seat!  Just wanted to post the pix in case they help anyone else.  My poor gas tank!  Can you believe that pile of rust from the filter? Yikes. 




  8. 4 minutes ago, Avanti83 said:

    The belts in your car use a bolt to hold the retractor and a pin to locate it. When I did mine in the 83 I just went to a website like this one and ordered the style and lock I wanted.


    If the pin was not in the right spot, I just modified the mount to fit. As far as the truck belts, I have no idea if they'll fit but I do know you'll want to order ones with about a 130+ inch belt length and the buckle length to match your existing one. Do not consider using the existing buckle with the new belt, replace the complete assembly.

    I'm familiar with this currently as I just removed one from my 74 and ordered one from Summit Racing to replace it. 

    Replacement is pretty obvious but be sure to remove the rear seat bottom and find all the screws that hold in the arm rest which needs to be removed to replace the belts.

    Oh my gosh, more color options too! Thanks for that link 

  9. Hello, i am looking to replace the front seat belts on our 1983 avanti with a red interior.  They no longer retract well. I found some for $90 each for a 73-87 chevy truck, wondering if anyone else has replaced them and used those or is there a a better option?

  10. On 6/1/2019 at 8:41 AM, Skip Lackie said:

    Addendum to kboyd's comments.  If you're gonna actually use your manual and don't mind a bit of soiling, you can find a good used original shop manual on ebay.  They're printed in both sides and have good clear illustrations.  Since you only need it for the drive train, pick one that covers your engine -- Camaro or Impala/Caprice/Malibu.  Prices vary a lot.


    Thank you! Much appreciated! 

  11. On 5/28/2019 at 3:08 PM, kboyd said:

    You can order a reproduction of the 1983 Chevrolet Camaro Shop Manual (or any other GM Shop Manual) from Helm Incorporated (www.helminc.com) for $100.00 and it covers the 305 cid engine and transmission used in the 1983 Avanti.  Helm Incorporated is the original OEM Shop Manual source for GM and several other manufacturers.  Word of warning, when I ordered one for a 1983 Camaro a few years back it came printed single sided and loose.  I had to take it to my local Office Depot and have it bound and the volume of the manual was about two reams of paper.  But that aside, the manual provides a detailed OEM source for diagnosing and repairing drivetrain problems. 

    Thank you for the info!!

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