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  1. I have a nice 63 R2 4 speed I am thinking of selling. It has a lot of upgrades such as R3 clone, dual master cylinder, larger sway bars, Turner brake kit, upgraded but stock looking tach. It has a very nice but non-original interior. Extra supercharger and new but uninstalled dash pad. Runs very well. Contact me at hemirhino@gmail.com if interested. Car is in Newberg Or.



  2. The service manual states that under no circumstances should you run the supercharger more than idle speed without the hose connected to the carburetor. 

    Any idea why that is? Maybe I damaged the SC while I was trying to figure out the poor running. (It turned out to be a failed intake manifold gasket. Someone used a felt gasket instead of steel.)

  3. The SC on my '63 R2 began making much noise. Today I pulled it off. (The manual says to push the idler arm toward the engine. It does not say how to push it.) I can barely turn the pulley by hand. Hmmmm.

    So it's time to get it rebuilt. Does anyone have a recommendation on who does a good rebuild? Thanks.



  4. My '63 R2 has the R3 air box. I called Edlebrock for a recommendation of a replacement carb. They advised that since the carb is pressurized the floats in their carbs would collapse. Hmmm... never thought of that. Anyone have an opinion?



  5. To Recap:

    I set the timing on the Avanti R2 according to the manual. That's when it started having a "miss." It was as if two plug wires were switched (they weren't). I just installed the new much gooder distributor and the car runs like an Avanti should.
    So I did an autopsy on the old distributor. It looks like the trigger for the Hall Effect was not in "sync" with the position of the rotor, causing a wide gap that may or may not send juice to the correct plug. When the timing was retarded that problem was lessened but it had no grunt. 
    All is well!
    On another note: The World of Speed Museum just got the 1948 Indy car that Andy Granatelli tried to qualify for the 500. He crashed it during qualifying and that was the end of his driving career. Its a front drive Miller with an Offy 270. Very cool car with lots of patina. I can post pictures if anyone is interested. 
  6. I just received a new distributor from Dave Thibeault at Studebaker Parts & Services for my rough running R2 (with R3 mods). Nicely made unit.

    Has anyone played with the 3 advance curves that are changed with the different springs (copper, silver, bronze)?



  7. My 63 R2.5 (R2 with R3 modifications) seems to have a roughness up to about 2000 RPM. There are lots of MoPar's, Chevy's and Ford's that one can listen to and compare; not so much with Avanti's. So it may just be the R3 cam doing its thing. I have checked compression (160-170 on all 8 cylinders), timing, plug gap, wires, cap/rotor, Pertronix gap, valves (.025 hot), firing order. The engine pulls strong, doesn't spit or backfire. Am I chasing a problem that doesn't exist?

    BTW- Nice write-up on the Ganatelli display at the World of Speed Motorsports Museum, Wilsonville OR, in the latest Avanti magazine. The display will run through 2018 so be sure to stop by on the way to Tacoma.

  8.  Here is a fix I thought might be useful to others.

    I bought a couple of Strato-Vue mirrors on Ebay. It turns out I don't need them but I wanted to fix them up anyway. They buffed up nicely but the ball/socket was worn and they would not hold their positions. I carefully pried out the glass mirrors that were held with a semi hard goop. There is a spring-steel strap that is supposed to provide friction on the ball. Since it is riveted there is no way to adjust to stiffen up the ball/socket. I took a piece of stainless steel safety wire, looped it around the ball where it meets the spring strap and gave it a tight spin with the safety wire pliers. That did the trick. The mirrors are now nice and tight. I can put them in the spare parts bin knowing they will serve someone in the future.

  9. Here is an update on my 63 R2.5. I have it running pretty well now. It seems the main problem was ignition timing; it was about 15 degrees retarded. That in combination with a leaking fuel line in the air box caused very hard starting when warm. Also, the a new(clear plastic) fuel filter shows the tank is pretty clean, no debris in the filter so far. I have an AFB rebuild kit coming from Myer's Studebaker. I just repaired the sticking vacuum/boost gauge and have the needle at "0" when not running. 

    Now it's off the the car audio store to get some speakers and figure out how to adapt the old screw antenna connector to the newer male/female connector of the power antenna. 

    Side note: I am having a great time working on this car! No computers, blueberries or blackteeth. 

  10. 22 hours ago, lschuc said:

    Frank,    Your lack of fuel to the carburetor sounds like maybe the fuel tank is rusty inside and the rust is clogging the fitting at the bottom of the tank.  I had this happen on another Avanti, and figured out the problem..... I could start and drive the car for a short distance before the engine would quit.   I had an airtank with me and removed the inlet line at the fuel pump.. no gas came out, so I blew air through the line from the front of the car, which cleared the rust in the bottom of the tank and after replacing the line on the fuel pump, let me start the engine again.   But the tank was so rusty that after a short time,  the fuel line would clog again.

    Check your tank and if it is rusty inside, remove the tank and have it boiled out at a radiator shop and coated inside.



    I just pulled the in line fuel filter and what came out was more like Starbuck's Grande Latte than 76 Premium. I don't have my factory manual yet so it looks like to remove the tank I go in through the panel behind the rear seat. Anything I need to be aware of before I start digging in?



  11. GlennW:

    I think that's a shot of the 1964 Novi Ferguson 4WD car that Bobby Unser drove. Unfortunately he was out due to a multiple car crash on the second lap. I wonder what the mechanic is doing? He appears to have a remote cable for something in his hand.

    The Granatellis spent hundreds of hours dyno testing the Novi trying to solve a high speed miss. Vince (Andy's son, named for his brother) recalls that the problem was due to the fuel being introduced before the supercharger. They tried Holly aircraft carburetors and Bendix fuel injection without success. The supercharger acted like a centrifuge and caused the fuel to "puddle" starving the back cylinders. I found documents where the locals near their shop were complaining of the Novi's noise on the dyno, so they had to construct a huge muffler system on the roof of the dyno building. Fascinating stuff!

    Anyone in the area of Wilsonville Oregon needs to visit the World of Speed when the Granatelli exhibit opens (I think at the first of the year. I'll confirm when I know more.)

  12. The Avanti is in pretty good shape but needs some love. I suspect a fuel issue as it has "run out of gas" after only a few miles. Maybe the fuel pump/supercharger relationship is not correct? I need it to stop raining for a road test (maybe June?). I replaced and re-wired the alternator which now charges the new battery correctly. There are other electrical issues such as tach and radio are not working. But overall a very nice car. 

    Thanks for the comments on the Lola. It is NOT subtle!

    Part of what I do at the World of Speed Museum is work on the Andy Granetelli collection that the family donated. Lots of stuff on the Avanti program and the Novi's. I actually found the ORIGINAL paper drawings on the Novi engine, drawn by Leo Goossen. True works of art. At one point they were considering putting the Novi engine into the Lotus turbine car chassis after the turbine was "banned." What an honor it is to go through the material. AND we are getting a Novi engine from the Tom Malloy Collection (use the Google to find out more).

  13. Thanks for the information! Makes sense now. 

    I am looking forward to getting the car reliable and safe. It is 54 years old after all.

    On another note, here is a shot of the RCR Lola T70 MK3B i built over four years. Road legal, LS3 power, Porsche G96 6 speed. The car is raw, harsh, loud, cramped, hot and no rearward visibility. But a real hoot to drive.



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