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  1. OK, I give up.  I haven't been able to find a quiet mechanical replacement fan for my stock 5 blade Avanti fan.  I've decided to go with an electric fan.  Someone has surely installed an electric fan on a 63-64 Avanti, if so do you have a brand and part #.  Only interested in a single fan puller type that will fit between the front hub and radiator.  Thanks.


  2. 1 hour ago, JLBKY said:

    Take a close look at the switch in the E-Bay Listing . The shaft is a "D" shaft and the original switch, and the knob that operates the switch, is a "Split Shaft", like some radio knobs. Not saying you can't use it, but if you are wanting to use the original knob, it will require some modification to the knob and / or the switch.


    Thanks, appreciate that information.


  3. 16 hours ago, 64studeavanti said:

    I agree the 6 blade fan is loud. I changed back to original 5 blade and still had loud. Finally, after changing both the clutch and different 5 blade fan, the noise is substantially abated.


    Can you spin the fan with the motor off? The fan should rotate a couple of turns before stopping. If not, usually bad clutch (locked up). Did you try a known good clutch and fan blade? The one that came with my 64 looked OK. However it was not until I put on another that the noise went away.


    I believe there was a 7 blade fan available. I have one, but have not tried it yet as my fan noise problem is solved.

    Are you interested in selling the 7 blade #1560547, assuming it's for a 63-64 Avanti.

  4. I'm starting a new thread in my never ending quest for a quieter fan for my 63 Avanti.  I was advised there was a H.D. 7 blade fan, #1560547 available.  A quick search and I haven't been able to locate one.  Does anybody now where I can get 7 blade #1560547 fan.  Thanks.

  5. My original fan clutch checked out fine but I replaced it with a new one anyway and the noise was the same in both instances.  I haven't tried another fan blade yet, haven't found one that will fit.  The stock one has no cracks and checks out straight and true when I checked it on a metal lathe with a homemade adapter.  I think the fan design is flawed from a noise standpoint, particularly with the other reports of fan noise with the stock five blade fan.  This brings me back to my original question - has anyone found another fan choice that is quieter.  I'm not at all familiar with a 7 blade fan that will fit, do you have any particulars you can share on this fan. 

    28 minutes ago, 64studeavanti said:



  6. 4 hours ago, mfg said:

    You probably would hardly hear that same fan if it were installed on a Hawk or Lark (metal body cars).....The Avanti's fiberglass firewall really resonates the engine fan's "ROAR"..... Its always been like that!:(

    PS....Some folks like the noise!:D

    Interesting thought but I have two Corvettes with clutch fans and do not experience that same roar I get in the Avanti, not even close.  Perhaps a little measuring is in order, they don't eyeball as a fit, look larger.  As I mentioned the kicker with the Avanti is the close fit between the front hub and the radiator.  I guess I'm getting lazy in my old age and looking for an answer that will save me a lot of work.  I've already tried a few different fan combinations that looked good but didn't work, the swapping around is getting old.  There have been several reports that the HD six blade fan being sold by the vendors is very loud so I'm not going that route.  I noticed the fan blade and clutch Bez Alchemy has on his Facebook restoration project 63 Avanti doesn't look stock to me.  I'm going to try to get some information on that setup, we'll see.  Thanks for input.


  7. All the above information is interesting but I would still like to know specifics of anyone using a quieter fan blade on a 63-64 Studebaker Avanti.  We have all owned old cars with clutch fans that were pretty quiet, sure would be nice to know of one of those fans that would fit.  I just thought someone may have tried another fan that filled the bill.  As a last resort I will go with an electric fan but hate to have to upgrade the alternator plus as a puller there are fitment issues here as well.

  8. Thanks for the heads up on the pulley.  I do have the 2 row aluminum.  I will pay more attention to the noise vs rpm.  But since the noise seems to be there at most rpms once it kicks in I'm not sure that's the answer as the noise, albeit lower, remains at lower speeds.  Before it kicks in there is virtually no discernible fan noise.  Since lower rpms would accomplish the same thing as the standard pulley (lower the fan speed) I think it would be a marginal gain at best.  I think for now I would like to pursue the flex fan route but as I mentioned the 17" Flex A Lite hits the lower hub so I could notch it or go with a 16" flex fan but I worry about cooling with the smaller fan.  Therein lies the reason I would like to hear from a Studebaker Avanti owner who may have experienced success with a different fan.  As Studebaker Avanti owners know there is only about 1" of room between the lower pulley and the radiator.  There may be flex fan the doesn't have as drastic a curve as the Flex A Lite but a guy could go broke buying fans until one, if ever, works.

    Anyway, thank's to all for your input, hopefully someone will have the answer on a quieter fan that will fit.

  9. On 8/23/2020 at 9:56 AM, PackardV8 said:

    For true, it's akin to being strafed by a Stuka.

    I've converted a couple to the big two-speed electric fan from the Dodge Viper.

    Also did one using the flexible blade stainless steel fan driven full-time without the clutch.

    jack vines

    Thanks for info Jack.  I tried fitting a flexible blade stainless steel fan only to find the curve in the blade was so severe it hit the front hub (17", 7 blade, Flex A Lite).  I suppose I could try a 16" (I worry about a 16" cooling properly) or cut a notch in the 17" blades.  Which brand and size blade did you use and was it quieter and did it cool ok.. My stock setup cools fine it's just NOISY.  I'm trying to stay away from an electric setup, the old prestolite wouldn't cut it, particularly with the A/C on.

  10. I want to revisit this subject since it's been awhile since I've looked into this.  The radiator fan noise on my 63 Avanti is very aggravating, when the temp approaches 180 the clutch starts kicking in and sounds like a dive bomber.  It's not the clutch.  Anyone know of an alternate fan choice that is quieter.  In the past I've read of many other complaints about the same thing and thought somebody may have come up with a solution.  Thanks, Larry

  11. Changing output shaft seal on the rear of my 63 (removal of this thing is another story entirely).  National seal number for this is 473234 (same as Auto Zone's #).  Here's the problem the National seal has an o/d of 2.502 vs my original 2.375.  Anybody have any insight on this, thanks.

  12. I just purchased a set of the 7011's.  The rims are outstanding and the owner is first rate.  The spinners, which he doesn't make, are sub standard in my opinion.  If you don't need the spinners Real Rodder Wheels offers a cap that matches the scalloped edges of the wheels and is a superior piece that matches the quality of the wheel.  A bit more expensive than the spinners but much nicer quality.  I currently have 215 -75-15's on 7" wires with practically the same back spacing on my 63 and have no clearance problems and it's a wider wheel but as Gunslinger alluded to - it can happen.

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