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  1. Thanks,  guess it was the latest cool thing to add then.  They're only original once.  Can't tell you how close I have come to restoring mine.  It's just so cool and runs so perfect. Air and all.  I'll probably buy another to drive that's restored.  Thanks for all the help. 

  2. Thank you so much for the manual pics.  Gets a little confusing since my avanti had it connected and somewhere along the way it was disconnected.  Now I have to see what was changed and what was left i.e.; tach senders, coil, ballast, condenser.  I was blessed to find a nos transignitor on eBay and grabbed it fast.  Always wondered what that funky box was on the fender disconnected!?  My avanti is completely original except for normal maintenance so I am trying to keep it unmolested.  Hopefully will be worth a lot someday.  Early production at end of 1962.

    Thanks again. Nice having experts to ask.  



  3. Can anyone help me find the part number for the coil that was correct for the prestolite transignitor that was used on my avanti.  I have an all original R1 which must have been ordered with the optional transignitor.  I have never known what it was till today.  The leads are disconnected and the unit is just mounted on the fender .  I was blessed to find an nos one on eBay today and bought it.  I want to make sure I get the proper coil for it.  I found the balance resistor, but don't know the coil to use.  I'm sure the one that is on it now is not correct since the transignitor was not hooked up.

    can anyone steer me in the right direction.  Is there a replacement coil available, or a nos one out there?



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