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  1. I just noticed Schuler's post and wanted to let you know that on my 63', I found a copy of the "build sheet" taped to the top of the glove compartment. Only way you could get at the thing (or even know it's there) is to probably take out the dash like I did when I rewired my car. There was enough of the sheet "readable" to determine what it was and what was there matched the build sheet I got from the Studebaker museum. The sheet was so brittle and dirty it basically came apart by just touching it. Not sure about the paint thing. if there was something there it probably got torn off years ago.


  2. A few years ago I bought a "barn find" 87 with (well several) wiring problems and the air conditioner was not hooked up. When I got around to finally hooking it up, I looked at the Stude Avanti manual, I hooked up the air conditioner the way the book said and sure enough, the goofy thing overheated. After everything cooled down I reversed the wires and everything worked fine (well at least for awhile...had to get a new compressor). GM parts fit great as replacements. Looking back at the entire thing, I think it was an issue of me either reading the manual wrong or the manual was just wrong (which I sort of doubt).

  3. Does anyone know whatever happened to the Ford platform AVX "hummer type" vehicle Studebaker produced. Saw it in Chicago at an auto show and was summarily impressed. Understand there were two of those built but what happened to them ??

  4. Thanks guys....

    I think I have to "leave my baby" for a few weeks however. Got a job up in Washington State that will probably last about four weeks so I'm sure I'll here about the "mess I left" in the garage from my bride when I call home these coming weeks. Oh well.... I'm retired (Ya Right) and procrastination is something I am learning how to practice with a lot of things. Problem is, it's too much FUN driving the Avanti and I really want to get it back on the road !

  5. Well one thing I am sure of, EVERY AVANTI is DIFFERENT. I bought a 63 brand spanking new and never had a problem with overheating. Of course then I was in Wisconsin and didn't have the issues we have here in Houston. I had a 87 R3 a few years ago and that one ran about 195/200 all the time and I can fully understand Gunslingers comment about the "heat on the feet" issue because that car was "toasty" . This bugger seems to have all kinds of "wierd" issues and the 205/215 degree heating issue really bothers me. You comment Gary about a cold air intake system interests me. Not sure how that works. OK I understand the plenum thing under the carburetor neck but you mentioned you "added an air filter under the fender". If R3's had these things (I don't remember my 87 having it at all), is there some documentation I can look at to get a better idea ???? For some reason my light bulb is staying out on this one. I guess I am wondering which system would work better, the cold air system or a puller fan.

  6. Thanks guys....

    A few things....

    First "super hot" is 205 to 215 degrees on the gauge. Car has always run about 185/190 but when I get out on the street those hot July, August, September days in Houston the car just seems to be "gulping" for air and heats up

    Second I had the radiator cleaned out and put on all new hoses when reinstalled.

    Third I put on a new fan blade which is 1/4" greater in diameter and has eight blades (GM part for a Pontiac but don't have the number handy..sorry)

    (Car actually ran a bit cooler after I cleaned radiator and changed fan blade "maybe 5 degrees cooler")

    Fourth I have heard of the Saturn deflector thing but also ran into some folks here in Houston that thought it wasn't a real solution because it didn't lower the temp very much.

    Fifth I hadn't thought of a puller fan and thanks for that suggestion.

    Obviously one of the things I hope will also come out of this is I get better combustion. High heat will retard the combustion and hope this "fix" (whatever it ends up being) might get me to respectable heat levels. BTW Bob, I have one of those IR temp units. So far it has just confirmed most of what I was up against which is why I started to think about a cooling fan in front of the radiator.

    I will look into that puller fan idea. That makes sense to me and I appreciate the comments guys.


  7. My 63 (actually built in 1962) did not originally come with a grill BUT someone put one on somewhere along the line. Problem is the grill totally screwed up the front fiberglass due to poor installation. (this was actually the first "fix" I did on this car) I decided to take the grill off at that point and ran around for about five years with it off and never had a problem at all with rocks or other stuff. Suggest if you don't really need it, don't waste money putting one on. The grills have to be kind of widely spaced. If your Avanti is like mine, it is always "gulping" for air and aside from replacing the fan blade I have tried to open up as much airspace as possible by leaving the grill off. By the way, I honestly don't think that grill could stop much anyway.

  8. Anybody got any suggestions ??? I have started to totally rewire my 63 and have kind of "settled" on the idea that I have to put a cooling assist fan in front of the radiator. Car ran super-hot in this Texas weather and running the air-conditioner just pumped up the heat. I know my gauges are reading right but now I'm looking at this and physically I have the room to put in an assist fan in front of the radiator BUT where do I wire this puppy in ??? Anyone got any ideas ??

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