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  1. I just purchased a 1963 Avanti which has been parked since 1967. I am selling the engine, complete from carb to pan and all front eng dress. The car is currently located in Mi. Call or text me at: 505-414-0617 or email: Kramerdad1@aol.com for full details . The PO said the engine was running fine when parked.

  2. Im installing a 327 corvette engine and 83-92 T5 transmission into my 63. It currently has a T-10 4 speed. I've been trying to find information  if I can modify the OEM clutch release mechanism to operate the T5's clutch release arm correctly. Im trying to avoid going with an aftermarket hydraulic clutch kit if I can. Any help with this would be appreciated. BTW, the car was parked in 1967 and never driven again. The engine is locked up which is the reason for the eng/trans swap

  3. I just purchased a 1976 Avanti here in NM. The VIN is :RQB 2390, Im trying to gather information on the cars history, I know it was a Lease car for two years then it was sold. I found it was registered to two different owners in California but that is were the trail ends. If anyone know anything about this car I would appreciate you contacting me at: kramerdad1@aol.com or 505-414-0617

  4. I recently purchased a 1976 Avanti II VIN RBQ 2390. I know it was a California car, and once bore the Ca plates LS DUIT from Westminster, CA  and Ca. 4YVM 103. If anyone has any knowledge or information about this car I would greatly appreciate a reply to my email: kramerdad1@aol.com or phone 505-414-0617

  5. bendix was bought out decades ago, and nothing online comes up with that part number. it looks like the ford hang on power steering part but the problem is all the ford or slave cylinders Ive looked at have a stud at one end and a threaded shaft at the other, this one has a round eyelet like a shock absorber at one end

  6. I know, dans stuff fits and works as it should , its a matter of scraping together the money, it really adds up and my wife keeps asking me if we're actually going to be driving the car enough to make up in mpg's what the cost is. I'm more interested in getting the rpms down but it still comes down to the bucks.

  7. When Bob replied to my post about a corvette shifter it became apparant that perhaps some other member may have leftover or duplicate parts laying around they might like to sell. I'm in the process of gathering all the parts I need to install a 700 R4 transmissin into my 1980 Avanti with TH 400 tranny. If anyone out there has any parts please contact me via email at: kramerdad1@aol.com or call 505-414-0617

    while Im at it I need a 160 MPH speedometer and a 0-6K tachometer.

  8. I'm gathering the parts needed to swap out my TH 400 to a 700 R4. Along the line I ordered a new steel fuel line from Corvette Central. When the part came they included a catalog so I scanned through it and noticed the shift lever and knob for the 68-82 automatic looked exactly the same as the one in my 1980. Corvette Central sells a 68-81 automatic w/overdrive shifter conversion kit for $109.00. Does anyone know if the shifter assembly for Avanti is actually a Corvette assembly? I am loath to spend $750.00 for shifter parts from Dan, I know they will fit and work but if there is a cheaper way to do this then I'd be a fool not to.

  9. again thanks guys for the information. I called Gear Venders, they said because of the cross member on the Lark frame I couldn't use thier unit, too much to cut out. I just bought a fresh 305 with attached 700r4 so I have everything except the shifter set up from Dan. looks like Ill be busy over the next few weeks pulling out the 350 th combo and stabbing in this set up .

  10. Thanks guys for the great feedback. As I look more and more into this some unexpected things popped up. What did you guys do about the collar on the steering column that locks the steering wheel when you go into park and the rod that runs to it ? Nostalgic told me I had to buy a conversion kit consisting of a butterfly lever, two rods ( shifter to trans and trans to the steering column collar) , a needed bushing and a different shifter assembly costing about $700.00. Do I need to do all this or can the parts from the TH 400 fit or can I eliminate the locking collar ? will the oil cooler lines from my TH400 fit the 700 or will they need to be modified? How did you solve locking the torque convertor ? I know TCI sells a kit for about $80.00 Is there a more cost effective way to do this without having to spend 800 bucks for a shifter kit and to lock up the convertor? Id like to reduce the engine noise on the highway by going to an overdrive but I dont know if its turning out to be cost effective or not. Im mean aside from reducing the wear on the engine by lowering the RPMs how many miles will I have to drive to justify the cost? Maybe the Gear Venders overdrive for the TH400 would be a better choice?

  11. I want to swap my TH400 tranny for an overdrive transmission(TH200-4R or TH 700-R4) . Has anyone done this swap? can the trans be swapped out without pulling the engine? will the floor shifter work properly? are the slip joint splines different? what about the lock up torque convertor? thanks for any help.

  12. To KD, forgot to state the following, I believe you are more then correct that an alternate method of stiffening and protecting the rockers is ok, purists and someone doing a concours restoration will not consider an alternative but since I do not intend to do this all I want is the protection some side rails would provide. since talking with dan I realize that there is no side impact protection unless there is something more then just fiberglass between you and a car that is side impacting you. Truth is I refuse to spend 6K when there is a much easier and practical way to provide this protection, installing tubing attached to the frame and then running the length of the rocker panels. I to was going to do the trough replacement because "you have to replace them." but, I do not believe this to be a fact anymore. I think if you provide side impact protection by installing a frame running the length of the rockers panels ( think tubular pick up running boards mounted between the frame and body) you've done the same thing for about $400.00 not $6,000.00

  13. the leads were actually the same color, 1 green 1 black, but the connector was not, I snipped of the MB connector and spliced them into the avanti wires. the reason I searched both "moon roof" and "sunroof" is because a lot of people on ebay will use the wrong term when describing a part, so rather them just search for the "correct" part I search for anything it might be called or listed as. an example is the famous NACA scooped hoods used on mustangs, people will list them as "NASA" hoods which is not correct but if you use only the correct name "NACA" you'll miss the listing.

  14. lets get serious about the troughs. I started to form this opinion after reading an article on replacing the troughs on this very web site, the author questioned the actual need of replacing the throughs, after all , these are just flat pieces of sheet metal, further do you think that anything that is POP RIVITED has stuctural integrity??? which is how the factory did it and how you install the replacement parts. do they pop rivet 747's together? would you drive across a bridge that was pop-rivited together? there is a bonding strip that holds the body to the frame which I admit is important, but "torque boxes? no way!. the lark frame is plenty strong compared to the wiggly sheet metal "one-piece" bodies they build now-a-days. mustangs need a huge amount strengthening and has created a huge aftermarket so you dont twist your musting into a pretzel, a complaint Ive never heard about with the lark frame. as for the cross member keeping the spare tire in, perhaps that is true, if you look at the rear of the frame I believe what dan said is correct, its to keep the car from accordining as there is nothing to stop another car from cutting right through the avanti body. dan states he worked for studebaker and is still a studebaker dealer. I have to defer to his knowledge and my own common sense and experience not myth.

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