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Avanti 4 sale

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I have a very late 1963 Avanti, serial # 4829, that I would like to sell. The car is now stripped of paint. The original color was gold and the interior is solid black with walnut trim, similar to serial #4892 and later 1964 cars. This interior is original as per the production order. Evidentally Stude built several Avantis like this. I imagine they were styling studies prior to the final 1964 versions. The 1963 "T" handles are used on the console but the plate is walnut along with the other cosole plates and instrument surround. The rear wings still use the 63 style latch. The interior is solid black including roll bar cover, dash pad, doors etc. Pirate buckles are on the tops of the doors like the 64's. The steering wheel is an aftermarket wood wheel. I'm pretty certain the original wheel was solid black as the steering column is black and one other sister car I've seen had a solid black steering wheel.

The car itself is very straight with minor work done above the head light from an accident in the mid 60's. This was redone and looks fine. The rest of the body is virgin....no damage. The frame and hog troughs are perfect, even the rear cross member is nice. The car still has the "ORIGINAL" Avanti style glass packs and 4 spd shifter. The rear gear is still the original 3.73 TT.

I've replaced the valve seals, front main seal, water pump, fuel pump, oil pressure hose, front and rear calipers and wheel cylinders were rebuilt, new pads and shoes, all new rubber brake hoses, new shocks, upper control arm bushings, new tires, new battery, rebuilt carb, rear end pinion seal etc.

The car would be great for someone to take it from here and choose the color they want as any color was available when the black interior was ordered.

What the car will need is chrome, a dash pad, front seat reupolstery, carpet and rubber trim parts/weather strip. Not all of this would be necessary right away depending on your budget.

Equipment on the car is: R1 engine, 4 spd trans, air cond, power steering, 3.73 twin trac rear end. A plus is that the car was ordered with the manual crank windows.

I'd like to get $13500 for the car as it is. I honestly believe it would be a very high dollar car when finished considering the 4 spd ac and the unusual pedigree as a transition car. I just have too many other projects that I need to get to.

Call me at 513 271 8424 or cell is 513 207 2381

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