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4-speed shift lever dimensions needed

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Earlier in the month I got a '64 Avanti R2 with 4-speed. The shifter had long ago been replaced with Hurst. Right now I'm planning to restore it back to the original appearance by reinstalling the Studebaker boot, boot ring, lever, and shifter ball, while retaining the Hurst linkage and shifter mechanism underneath. I've been able to buy from Studebaker suppliers all the parts except the shift lever. If I can't find one, I hope to make one and have it chrome plated. Here's where I need help. Can anyone give me some dimensions for the original Studebaker Avanti shift lever? First of all, is the stick tapered? In pictures from the period it doesn't look tapered. What is the diameter? (If tapered, what is the diameter at the top, just under the ball, and what is the diameter as low as you can push the boot down without removing it?) What is the length--a measurement from the surface of the console plate to the underside of the ball, with the stick in neutral, would work fine.

On the other hand, if anyone wants to trade a complete Hurst Competition Plus shifter assembly for a complete Stude shifter assembly, I'd be happy to do that, too. The Hurst shift mechanism is stiff right now should be sent to Hurst for their rebuild service, after which it should feel like new (and you know how nice Hurst Competition Plus feels when new).

Thanks for any help.

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