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Looking for owner of RQA0142

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I have some original correspondences from the then owner and Avanti Motors dated between 1968-1972 for RQA0142. I have looked back as far as the 2002 AOAI rosters but could not find the owner.

Does anyone know who this might be so I can offer this material to him/her?



BTW: I also have a couple of for sale inventory documents which APPEARS to be from Avanti Motors (on 8 1/2" x 11" typewriter written papers but no Avanti Motors letterhead): one dated 6/1/82 contains some used 74-80 models for sale. The other is dated 6/29/82 that has listings of new Avanti IIs for sale. Each listing on both documents contain the corresponding RQB serial numbers which are:

Used inventory for sale: 2051, 2065, 2121, 2273, 2388, 2392, 2535, 2560, 2611, 2740, 2803, 2906, 3164.

New inventory for sale: 3377, 3378, 3398, 3412, 3421, 3433, 3435, 3436, 3453, 3466, 3480, 3482, 3483, 3484, 3485, 3486, 3487, 3488, 3489, 3498.

So if you or anyone you know that has any of the above cars and would like the know or have me copy that information, let me know here or through a message.

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