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2 options on wireing harness

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I am back.

One of the obvious repairs is to the wiring harness. As expected there are frayed areas where visible, and likely elsewhere. Plan is to completely change out. There are two options:

1. Get a reproduction harness/fuse box for ~450.00, exact match presumably using modern materials. Uses AGC barrel fuses. Replace breaker box separately

2. Get a 21 circuit modern "fit anything" harness/fuse box for ~150. with colored/labeled wires. Uses micro-spade fuses. Through away the breaker box.

Other than the "concours" issue, is there any sound reason to go with the reproduction harness?


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Wow .. good question. I didnt realize a repro was available. I guess it all

depends HOW bad your factory wiring is. Mine (from what I have seen) is

all in good shape. I have heard to check it from time to time around the

hood latches though.


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