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I have radiator shroud, fan and drive removed with the water pump exposed. I think this would be a good time to install a new one. Understand the pump bodies with the reinforcing ribs are the ones to get. Recommendations for a source for new/rebuilt pumps, please. Thanks.


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Always go for the new manufactured ones (w/ ribs). They have an improved pump seal that the originals didn't have. Original pumps (and rebuilt originals) use the body casting as one half of the seal. The seal cartridge has a molded carbon/phenolic ring which rubs against a polished surface of the pump body. Over time, corrosion attacks the cast iron surface & the "rust texture" starts to erode the phenolic ring, creating a leak path. This is particularly harmful to vehicles which do not get started or used much.

The newer seals are self contained & have their own pair of sealing rings which are not as susceptible to corrosion.

Mike Sal (24 years water pump engineer)

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