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Aftermarket CD/AM/FM, what fits, where to find

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Aftermarket CD/AM/FM, what fits, where to find

1. what have people put into their '63 Avanti, WITHOUT cutting

2. Manufacturer, Model, model number, where can it be bought (URL!)

3. special wiring harness???

4. watts


Hello, tsterkel,

I have a '70 Avanti with the same dash as your '63 (I know, I once owned an early '64.) Long ago I replaced the original Studebaker AM/FM radio in my '64 with a Blaupunkt (don't remember the model #) and it went in easily through the speaker hole through the top of the dash. I later replaced the Blaupunkt with a Panasonic AM/FM/tape (again don't remember the model #) in my '64 or '70??

In August of this year I replaced the Panasonic with a Kenwood AM/FM/CD/MP3, model number KDCX879; again it easily installed through the dash's top speaker hole. It is rated at 50 watts (max) and 22 watts RMS for each of its four speaker outputs. I also have it connected to a Kenwood model number KACX621, 179 watts RMS, subwoofer amplifier which is mounted in my trunk. The AM/FM/CD/MP3 player has so many cool features, including a remote control, that I have not yet figured all of them out so far!

There were no special wiring harnesses required and there was no cutting required of the dash itself except for maybe some minor fitting for the faceplate. The installation appears to have come from the factory although it was done by the local auto sound shop seller! The dash's trim was not disturbed.

The system really sounds great; I'm very happy with it and pleased that I added in the subwoofer. I have two small (4") speakers mounted on the sides of my interior foot spaces near my ventilator grilles. The rear speakers are 6" X 9" and mounted below the rear deck covering my trunk.

Kenwood's website is: www.kenwoodusa.com .

If you need any help regarding the replacement of your original Avanti's manual radio antenna, I spent MANY long hours on the internet very recently and have found sources of inexpensive replacement antennas, cables, and mating connectors. Just ask, and I'll be happy to help!

I hope that I have been of some help to you.

Best regards,


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