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Found 2 results

  1. I just finished installing a pair of 2.5" down port exhaust manifolds and the head pipes were made by Don Simmons.. Awesome quality and fit. pics are with steering at left lock, right lock, then bottom and top
  2. My R1 needed to have the pipes and hideous Thrush mufflers, installed by a previous owner, replaced before I lost my hearing. All of you who have used the pipes and mufflers that Don Simmons at Silvertone builds have given them high marks for correctness. So, based on your recommendations, I ordered an all stainless set with the mid-tone style mufflers. They arrived in short order and were well packaged. Don was great to work with over the phone to be sure I ordered correctly. He marked the pipe sections to avoid confusion during installation. I am fortunate enough to have a lift available for jobs like this so the whole exercise was painless and very straight forward (god bless those who try to do this job on the floor!!!). Everything installed perfectly and all points through cross members etc. went off perfectly (just a little rotational or longitudinal tweak needed if any). I can't recommend this vendor enough.
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