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  1. I have a leaky evaporator in my '85. I have all but the dash and about half the console removed the from the interior as part of carpet replacement/Dynamat install and have also been considering a VintageAir install. The company I work for is a VA dealer, so seeing what others have done here previously is of particular interest.

    I'm not concerned with maintaining the original cable controls but want whatever mods I make to be reversible should the desire ever strike a future owner! My current thought is to use this VA control where the radio was located, and then a simple 2 3/8" deep double DIN stereo where the console vents were located. Vents would be re-located to a 3D printed plenum that fits where the dash speaker was located (and is a shallow storage area for collecting junk on my '85).




  2. Shameless plug...if you are missing any of the center caps for the small side knobs on your Recaro seats in your '85 - as I was with mine - I had them reproduced a couple years ago.


    AOAI members can but direct from for $3 each with free shipping rather than $4 ea on eBay.

    PM me if interested...


  3. I found wood trim covers that match the rest of my interior for the original end shafts in my glove box. I'm glad the stereo shop that replaced the Blaupunkt back in 1998 saved them.

    I do have an operators manual for the Sacramento as well as a full wiring diagram/parts list.I'll try to get them scanned this week and put on my site as PDF files.

    Would love to see your window sticker...


    Yes, i believe that I also have the same Sacramento model, the Touring Coupe' option covers the end shafts with the annodized aluminum plates. Also part of the Touring Coupe' option are the western aluminum wheels. Still unanswered is how to test the rear bulkhead mounted amp. Lou Cote

    Another question, do you have an owners manual for this radio? that is one of the things missing from my glovebox. I did find the Marony sticker in the trunk however. Thanks Lou Cote

  4. Funny this thread should show up when it did - for the first time ever I had the same problem Saturday night with my '85. Drove it for twenty minutes, parked it for two hours or so and it was fine. Drove it for 20 minutes, parked it for an hour and it was fine. Drove for another 20 minutes, parked for 5 minutes and wouldn't crank but everything else was fine. Let it sit for 30 minutes or so and it fired right up. Could be a long drive to KC if I am able to go and have to follow this routine... :-)

    Doesn't seem to be a consensus here as to what really solves it - fusible links, solenoid, starter, Ford starter, relay, battery cables...

  5. Here is a photo of the Sacramento:


    My fiancee is the stereo wizard in the house - when we get to install time (as I doing the carpets), I'll post more here.

    The car came with the steel wheels and hubcaps on it when I bought it, and a set of rusty wire wheels in the trunk. Now the car looks like this:


    These are Mercury Marquis wheels I had refinished locally and some generic caps found online. One of these days I will have my vinyl sign place cut me four "avanti" logos to put on them.

    Would love to get rid of the steel wheels and tires which are taking up space in my garage...

    I'm on the fence about the KC show. We have a big local show that same weekend that I work may require me to attend, and we have a two-week trip to Japan planned for October, so time off may be in short supply regardless.

    My 85 has the Blaupunkt too , not sure if it is the Sacramento. Mine seems to not have a lot of volume control, not a lot of base response, is this a symtem of amp. not up to potential? Or is it time for new speakers? How would you test the amp. to be sure it was doing it's job? Lou Cote PS, James what wheels are hiding under the stock hubcaps? Are you attending the Kansas meet ?

    That's the first I've heard of Avanti advertising they were using the Berlin. It would be interesting to me to know when this was, as by the mid-80s, the Berlin was a single DIN (no shafts to the left and right of the unit) and was a much higher end unit than the Sacramento. The Berlin of that era had a remote "stalk" that I seem recall being in a Touring Coupe I saw once, but to me, it would stand to reason that economics at the end of the Blake era could have meant a reduction in stereo spec.

    Avanti Motors advertised that they installed as an option the Blaupunkt Berlin model stereo but they could easily have substituted another model as availability required. Blaupunkt named their radio models after cities but I would think most were essentially the same with minor differences.

    As all manufacturers do, Avanti Motors added the disclaimer to their literature that they reserved the right to change specs and options as necessary without prior notification.

  6. My '85 came with a Blaupunkt Sacramento with a separate amplifier on the back wall of the trunk. In 1998 the previous owner replaced the head unit but left the amp intact. I found another Sacramento and had it rebuilt and will re-install this this winter. I have a full service manual with schematics and parts list for the Blaupunkt Sacramento if anyone is in need.

  7. When doing my window motors on my '85 I was surprised to see door lock actuators inside the doors. That said, the power locks have never worked since I bought it almost four years ago.

    I'd like to diagnose the fault and replace the actuators if necessary and perhaps add a keyless remote - anyone been down this road before with any tips?

  8. Recently damaged the pulley during an attempt to remove it from the pump and in the course of finding a replacement learned that the GM part number had changed:

    Number on the pulley - 14023174-DC

    New number - 14084343 but discontinued by GM and available from Dorman as 300-121 for about $25 from Rock Auto.


  9. Further update - story is that these were made for Avanti sometime in the early 80s and the supplier never got paid. The guy who has them now is the son of now deceased owner of that supplier, long since out of business. He's getting me a count of what he has available.

  10. Pressure line on my '85 sprung a leak yesterday on my way to a car show - what a mess.

    I'd like to replace all of them as they're all original. I see the Studebaker International offers all four saying they're the same from 63-85. I've had hit or miss (mostly miss) with the products they describe as applicable to the later "Blake" cars.

    Can anyone here confirm or refute that these parts will work on a stock, original '85?

    Who else has done this and can share their experiences of product used and removal/replacement. Looks like a bear of a job.


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