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  1. I have a leaky evaporator in my '85. I have all but the dash and about half the console removed the from the interior as part of carpet replacement/Dynamat install and have also been considering a VintageAir install. The company I work for is a VA dealer, so seeing what others have done here previously is of particular interest. I'm not concerned with maintaining the original cable controls but want whatever mods I make to be reversible should the desire ever strike a future owner! My current thought is to use this VA control where the radio was located, and then a simple 2 3/8" deep double DIN stereo where the console vents were located. Vents would be re-located to a 3D printed plenum that fits where the dash speaker was located (and is a shallow storage area for collecting junk on my '85).
  2. Replacing the narrow strip of metal that supports the battery in my '85 and ordered one from SI - came as two parts as shown here: One question and some thoughts for those that may be considering this part: Question: I know where the bottom part goes, as my car had one - albeit rusted and therefore my desire to replace it - but the top piece, a heavier angled bracket I can't see where it might go on my car. Either it's missing already, obscured by other parts or perhaps was never there on an '85? Can anyone see where it goes on their car and clue me in? Now a couple thoughts on this part: At $59.95 I expected something in better condition. Painted a gloss black (apparently with little to no surface preparation) paint is scratched and flaking off in many areas, exposing bare metal. I confirmed after I received it that this is a "reproduction" part, and the nice woman there said "all the parts in the box are like that". She offered to take it back, which I may still do. James Espey http://www.avanti4245.com
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