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  1. Yes, i realized that $8500 won't get me close to anything nice.. I appreciate the input and advice. at this time i am going to take a step back and figure out everything that i am looking for and re-evaluate my funds and continue my search.

    My Avanti was delivered yesterday. Here is a reality check. Unlikely you will find a drivable 1963-64 for any thing close to $8500. If it is not drivable bringing it home is lots more expensive because it would require 'closed' transport. If it is operable it can go on 'open' transport. For, say, 2000 miles that would cost $1200 or more. Lots of choices of open and closed. You go through a 'broker' who lines it up and to whom you pay a commission.

    The best Avanti I know about (a 1964) is about to close on eBay (and will not make reserve). It is what I would have bought and will be ~$20K. All the good advice you are getting here is for today. Tomorrow the choices will change. But unless you are prepared to make a commitment and have the funds all this is old news.

  2. The first car I bought was a '64 Avanti R1, automatic and ac with 5000 miles on it in Aprill '66. I had the car for 3+ years before selling to get a larger car. Having never lost the love for the Avanti, I got a '76 in Jan '11. Body and styling of the II's are very similar to the '63's and '64's, but also have a more reliable GM drive train. I wouldn't necessarily just focus on '63's and '64's when looking for one.

    Very Cool. I was fortunate enough to drive both a 63 and 76 a while ago. As much as i like both i am partial to the 63/64 era... Finding the right one i realize will take time but it will be in memory of my father so it will be worth it.

  3. Thanks, came across it today. i will have to try and get in touch with him as it looks like a fairly nice car. only issue would be that it is over 1900 miles away and ive never had a car shipped to myself before. wonder what that would even cost...?

    Go to the Phoenix craigslist. There is one for sale for 7500. New power train, running gear. Needs paint and interior. Owner is "Walt". It's worth looking into.

  4. I didn't want to blow up the whole forum area, but as i had posted in a separate topic i am looking for a 63-64 avanti.

    I was doing a little research on the car that my father owned back in 1975..

    It was a teal 1963? avanti. Round headlights possible transition car? He owned it for about 2 years and had to part ways with it out of desperation when being layed off from work.

    He sold it to Bob Kollosso ( Previous owner I beleive of Central Garage in Potter WI) IT then was sold to a couple and it popped back up in the chilton/manitwoc area in the early 80s and was never seen again.

    Is there any way to try and hunt down the car if its still around? Out of everything if i could get my hands on his old car it would be a dream come true to live the rest of its life part of the Wheeler family again....

    i dug through all of his old titles etc, and was only able to find the (license number) that was on the car at that time...

    Im sure im shooting in the dark here, but i just wanted to see if theres any way that myself or someone else could pull up old owner history by plate numbers or if there is any way to go down the list of previous titled vehicles in someones history??

    Appreciate any help or suggestions.

    Doug Wheeler

  5. Thanks everyone for the replys.

    I know my budget is on the low end but over the months im sure i will be able to expand that.

    I've just only started my search and im sure it is going to take me some time to come accross that right one for me.

    I appreciate all the comments and knowledge though.


  6. hey,

    im new to the site here, but i am kind of intrigued by this avanti you came across... I have just started looking for an avanti project.

    If you have time could you send me a few of the photos to my email if it is still sitting out for sale.. Im out of WI so its kind of a long shot with not being able to see it in person and im sure shipping prices would be a pretty penny... But maybe for the right price it could be saved yet??..

    Thanks for your time, Doug

    my email is ridinlow87@new.rr.com

    Last week a friend told me of an Avanti just sitting in a yard that he spotted on his way back and forth to work...not far from me. I went out and found it...it's a '63 R1 automatic with a/c, power windows, power steering. It's in pretty rough shape...restorable but maybe not economically so. The body needs work as does the interior (dash, carpets, non-original bucket seats). It was difficult to see under the car but the hog troughs seemed solid when I rapped them with my knuckle and saw no rust on the frame. The tubular crossmember was solid though covered with rust.

    With the issues I saw the car seems essentially complete...just in need of a complete restoration. As I said, it's probably not cost-effective to do so unless you can do much of the work yourself.

    I talked to the fellow who owned the place...he's 87 years old and I spent an enjoyable hour or more listening to his life story and WWII experiences. The Avanti actually belongs to his niece and would like to sell it. I don't know what she wants for it.

    Besides the Avanti, he has two garages with Lincolns, Cadillacs and Packards! All are for sale. He owns four Packards...a 1950, '51, '54 and a '56 Caribbean convertible but that's stored elsewhere.

    If anyone is interested in any of these cars please feel free to contact me and I can forward photos I took plus the contact information of the old gentleman. The cars are located near Frederick, MD. If anyone is going to York next week, they're welcome to come here and I can take you there.

  7. Hey Everyone.

    Im new to the site here and just started my search for an Avanti. My father was a huge studebaker Fanatic, and had a 64 Avanti back in the day. He has since passed and im now starting my search to buy one in his memory.

    Im looking for a 63-64 avanti.... looking to spend up to $8500 (project car that needs some tlc)

    are there good places to search?


    Doug Wheeler

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