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  1. I just noticed the suggestion of converting to an aluminum driveshaft. After my experience with an aluminum driveshaft on a GMC truck with a 350 ci V-8, I would never do that. The driveshaft corroded, and one day pulling away from a stop sign, it totally broke in two with the driveshaft flopping around underneath the truck. I hate to think what would’ve happened if I’d been driving down the interstate at 65 miles an hour and had that happen. Of course, I have to confess I did use the truck to pull out some for firmly rooted bushes and small saplings. Nevertheless, I would not trust an aluminum driveshaft.
  2. I am sorry everyone, I chose the wrong part number in my post a moment ago. Here is the correct part number for the one that gunslinger identified: 25-107849-1
  3. I found the protector flap pictured above by Gunslinger for sale on EcklersCorvette.com. It was hard to find, so here is the name and the part number: Gas Guard, 25-106419-1.
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