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  1. I started this thread, and although it was not obvious when I first examined the visors, it has become evident now that the fawn die is flaking off. I suggest that we share with one another any successful methods of getting the dye to stick. Here are some questions regarding possible solutions: 1) Will roughing up the surface really do the trick? 2) I wonder if the vendor forgot to clean off the powder that may have been used to help release the visor from the mold. 3) Would fawn paint adhere better than dye? 4) Would it work to spray or brush on 3 or 4 coats of a water-based acrylic polymer medium coating available at a good art supply store. Then paint or dye over the acrylic coating? I did this in repairing the original visors years ago, and it created a tough but flexible coating that covered the entire visor. I lightly sanded with 400-500 grit wet/dry sandpaper between coats. This worked quite well with the old visors. I wonder if it would work with these repros?
  2. They do not come with the brackets that are inserted on each side. If I remember correctly, I think SI does sell the brackets. I will likely keep these repros in reserve and continue to use the later Avanti II visors because they actually do the job of keeping the sun out of one’s eyes.
  3. Earlier this week I received the new repros from SI of the original Avanti sun visors. They look great and more durable than the originals.
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