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  1. Hi, Gang. What are the appropriate wheel lugs to use with these reproduction Halibrand wheels? Also, am I correct in assuming these latest repro wheels will take tubeless tires (no inner tube needed)? John
  2. I have a genuine R1 oil pan for sale. This is a spare I've had on the shelf "forever". I thought I'd get it out into circulation! It looks like this R1 oil pan had some "body work" done on the bottom years ago. There are some dents here and there. All of the original R1 oil baffles are in place. Sold "as-is", since I've never mounted or used it. The price is $500, plus the shipping. Thanks for looking. John
  3. This is a complete, original R1 oil pan set-up. It includes the oil pan, crankcase vent tube and attachment bracket, and the separate, additional oil baffle that bolts on a rearward main bearing cap. This R1 oil pan has a few dents here and there, but is in overall good condition. Was painted gloss black by a prior owner years ago. Sold in "as-is" condition, since I've never had the occasion to install this oil pan on one of my engines. The price for all items shown and described is $775, plus shipping. Thanks for taking a look. John NOTE: I'll also be posting a different R1 oil
  4. Hi, Paul. Very good of you to check in with the positive comment. You have a good memory! I also didn't think I had any more of these nifty Avanti posters available. However, we're getting ready to move after being in our home for 40 years. And, these two remaining posters surfaced from the inner sanctum of my Avanti goodies chamber. Surprise, surprise! Best regards, John
  5. I have one set of these 1963 and 1964 Avanti posters available. They are from the newspaper automotive feature, "Great Cars I Remember" by artist, Jack Ashcraft,. Publication dates were in 1976. These posters each measure 11" wide by 17" high. They would look good matted side-by-side, and housed in one frame. Note: The black items holding each poster are magnets, not tape. No poster was harmed in the making of this ad! Also, I placed the "NOT ON POSTER" Post-It notes on each piece of artwork to make copying these online images harder. If requested, I will be happy to email the buyer some
  6. SOLD....on another Studebaker website. Thanks to all who looked. John
  7. I purchased a quantity of this original black vinyl material from Avanti Motors in South Bend about 40 years ago. I bought it for some front seat repair work on 1972 Avanti ll I owned at the time. The graining matched the upholstery in my Avanti perfectly. I later owned a 1963 Avanti with black upholstery, and low and behold, this vinyl also matched that remarkably well. I'm selling what I have left from my original purchase of years ago. This piece measures 39" wide by 55" long. It is in good condition, except for a little white dot blemish (fortunately located near one edge). I've sho
  8. PRICE REDUCTION, GANG! I was just looking at this mounting bracket, and thought a guy will have to spend some time removing the old crossmember piece from this bracket. So, I'm going to reduce the price to allow for that. The price is now cut from $22 to just $15 (plus the shipping). This is the center mounting bracket for the AVANTI rear crossmember. Create your own rear crossmember by having the pipe portion bent at the local muffler shop, and then welding this bracket in place on the pipe. Rusty, as seen in the photos, but very usable after a quick sand or bead blasting. The price
  9. Do you have the Avanti Shop Manual to help guide you through the oil pan removal process? John
  10. Hi, saddletramp. I don't look at this Avanti site every day, and therefore don't immediately see posts. I sent you a PM yesterday indicating I had sold the manual, and then posted that same information here. In my PM, I also indicated to you that the photo quality of today's reproduction Avanti shop manual and parts book was much better than what you have experienced in the early repro. About my Avanti parts book, the hopeful Avanti guy in the Czech Republic also bought that. I really think you'll be happy with the quality of the current reproduction Avanti books, if you're simply looking fo
  11. From studequest above: "I am a fixer. I like the original equipment working." Yes, yes, yes, studequest. I'm also a fixer. Over the years, I found that if I don't fix the little issues as they arise, my collector car eventually becomes a rundown piece of crap (at least in my eyes). All a matter of personal preference, of course. John
  12. Sorry, Bill.....but this Avanti shop manual was sold to a car guy in the Czech Republic some time ago. He was anticipating the purchase of an Avanti, and wanted to get the shop manual in advance. John
  13. This is a "working" ORIGINAL Avanti Shop Manual. By that I mean a factory Avanti shop manual you can use, while actually doing stuff on your car. It's not a manual to display with your car at a show. You can use your mint manual or a repro for that! This original manual is reasonably clean throughout. It's NOT marred by greasy fingerprints throughout the interior pages. As you can see, there is some wear in the corners and leading edge of the front cover. This manual is 100% complete, with all pages secure. I like the original glossy paper, and the original photo quality of the genuine St
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