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  1. Does anybody know how to solve a high idle problem on a ’64 Avanti R2? The problem is best described as the engine idles (above 1000 rpm) unless I rapidly depress and release the throttle pedal (kicking down the idle). It is not due to the engine being cold and the throttle being on the fast idle cam. It occurs whether the engine is hot or cold. It is not due to the dashpot either. It is also not the carburetor as I have switched to a different carb and it exhibits the same behavior. The only thing (at least in my mind) that could be causing it is either the throttle linkage is sticking or the throttle return springs are too weak. I tried moving the linkage at the carb and it appears to move freely and is not binding and the return springs I purchased from a reliable vendor so I am assuming they are the correct ones. I am getting tired of kicking down the throttle at stop lights. Any thoughts? My thanks in advance and any help or advice is appreciated. Tom Harrill
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