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  1. Jim78, I was asking for "How did you specify the compressor you needed?" They don't list Avanti's on their site. Was it equivalent to some type Chevrolet or did you talk to them with the compressor model number? My compressor is in the same location. chuck RQB-3553
  2. I put a Custom Auto Sound radio in when the original failed and put an automatic antenna in also. With a little creative wiring I was able to use the original wiring, eliminate the switch, and have the antenna go up and down when I turned the radio on or off or down when I shut the car off with the radio on and back up when I start the car if the radio is on. It is better than having to use the switch. chuck RQB-3553
  3. Jim78, What did you use as the vehicle? Mine is an 82 with a 305. The carb crosses to a van but I am guessing a Camaro setup would be more appropriate. chuck RQB-3553
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