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  1. Jim78, I was asking for "How did you specify the compressor you needed?" They don't list Avanti's on their site. Was it equivalent to some type Chevrolet or did you talk to them with the compressor model number? My compressor is in the same location. chuck RQB-3553
  2. I put a Custom Auto Sound radio in when the original failed and put an automatic antenna in also. With a little creative wiring I was able to use the original wiring, eliminate the switch, and have the antenna go up and down when I turned the radio on or off or down when I shut the car off with the radio on and back up when I start the car if the radio is on. It is better than having to use the switch. chuck RQB-3553
  3. Jim78, What did you use as the vehicle? Mine is an 82 with a 305. The carb crosses to a van but I am guessing a Camaro setup would be more appropriate. chuck RQB-3553
  4. Please do, I am interested in getting some replacements for my Avanti. chuck RQB-3553
  5. The Studebaker International wing window dividers are duplicates of the original design with rubber cast over a metal bar. They must be riveted in place just like the original divider seals. This requires disassembling the door and pulling out the wing window assembly, drilling out the rivets, placing the new seals in place and then riveting them in place. I have about 85 of the rivets left since I had to buy a box of 100. I did this about 3 years ago-it was an all day job. They looked good and sealed the wind wings but did not last because the rubber is too soft (not the right durometer hardness). You can see the lip that seals against the wind wing completely broke off the rest of the divider in one of the photos of my initial post. Dan Booth (owner of Nostalgic Motors) has come up with a replacement that doesn't require disassembly of the door. One of them is shown in the pictures below. They appear to be a harder rubber compound than the SI seals-he claims they are the same as the originals and are the correct durometer hardness. To apply them you have to cut the old rubber off of the metal bar that is riveted to the wing widow frame-in my case now the SI metal bar. This took a couple of hours with a razor blade-tedious but not hard. You then glue the seals onto the metal bar with Gorilla Glue and clamp them until it sets-24 hours. The seals look correct and the wing windows seal nicely against them. chuck RQB-3553
  6. I replaced the wind wing seals on my Avanti yesterday. The ones I got from SI three years ago and had to take the doors apart to install failed after 2 years. I tried the Dan Booth solution this time. It didn't require pulling the door apart but was still a bit of work. The finished product looks good-I hope they last for a while-he claims they will. chuck RQB-3553
  7. My 82's paint job is pretty good and the car has been garaged all but 2 months of its life-I needed some working space in my garage so the Avanti spent some time outside. The paint is starting to crack around the edges of the hood opening and the edges of the hood. This is typical of old lacquer paint jobs. Also I am starting to see some what appears to be bubbling in various spots around the car. But for 35 years it still shines up nice. Considering doing some major sanding and repaint once I finally retire. chuck RQB-3553
  8. Popeye Steve, A rich running condition on Quadrajet (even the CCC one) is usually due to a saturated float. Get a fresh float and it should fix the problem. chuck RQB-3553
  9. The weld on the vent fitting at the top of the tank had cracked and caused a strong gas smell inside my 82 when I first got it. I had the took out the tank and had it refurbished and coated inside and out. No smells since then. chuck RQB-3553
  10. My 82's rear is leaking at the bearing seals, what are the proper bearing and seals for the Dana 44? Thx. chuck RQB-3553 Avanti bearing 1.htm
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