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  1. The 1991 Avantis do not not have fiberglass bodies?
  2. https://classiccars.com/listings/view/1010536/1991-avanti-avanti-for-sale-in-mountain-view-california-94043 https://www.sfgate.com/cars/myride/article/My-Ride-1991-Avanti-Convertible-2308735.php http://www.collectorcarads.com/Avanti-Convertible/67049
  3. Differences between the 87's, 88's and 89's look to be minor on the outside, but the Monte Carlo chassis was used for the 87's and 88's, while the Caprice chassis was used for the 89's. Gas tank fill for the 87's and 88's was located on the top of the left rear fender for the tank mounted behind the rear seat. The 89's had the tank mounted under the trunk, eliminating the tire well for the spare in the trunk with the gas fill just to the rear and above the left rear tire. The space saving donut (a real oxymoron) takes up over half of the trunk space. I believe the ground effects were added to
  4. https://www.theavanti.com/production1.html According to the above website there were this many convertibles manufactured in each of these years: 1987: 54 1988: 73 1989: 101
  5. What years were Avanti convertibles manufactured?
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