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  1. Jim Cox

    Dash Pad

    SI currently is asking $850. Just Dashes and Nostalgic want about $2400. I like the price of SI better, but are you getting what you pay for? Two local upholstery shops say it is a molded dash and can not be recovered correctly because of the pleats in the dash.
  2. Jim Cox

    Dash Pad

    Thanks, I may try to re-dye it. The radio is aftermarket. It was put in the car before I got the car. I have the original radio, but can not handle the tunes on AM only stations. The car was completely original when I inherited from my dad except the alternator, radio, water pump and the radiator. Thanks, Jim
  3. Jim Cox

    Dash Pad

    I am in the process of restoring the interior on my 63 Avanti. The dash pad is cracked. There are a few companies that offer replacement pads. Studebaker International, Nostalgic Motor Cars and Just Dashes. Everyone says their product is the best. Does anyone have any experience with these companies?. I have also tried to have the dash repaired, but no one local wants to do it. Thanks, Jim
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