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  1. Do you install the jumper wire in the overhead switch panel?
  2. I was doing some under hood clean-up on my Avanti 2, serial number RQA 0048. When I removed the washer bag bracket on the right inner fender, I found a metal plate with "RQ 4580" embossed on it. Does anyone know what this number represents? John
  3. I went to NAPA to get a National 410059. it crossed to NAPA 15005. Leak gone! Thanks to everyone for your help. John
  4. I got the old seal out, mfg's system worked great. In comparing the old seal to the new one I bought, it appears they are not the same size. I was sold a National 473234: 1.687x2.502x.312. The outside and inside diameter of the new seal is slightly larger than the old seal so I don't think it will work. Does anyone have a part number for the correct output shaft seal for an Avanti automatic.? Thank you. John
  5. Thank you, mfg, I'll get a slide hammer and follow your suggestion. I've been putting off ordering the manuals, Gunslinger. They will be ordered tomorrow! Studegary, thanks for the info on the low VIN. I guess I can refer to it as a !965-1967 Avanti. Or a 1967(?) Avanti.
  6. Hello all, I am a new forum member with a new-to-me 1967 Avanti. I need to replace the rear transmission output seal and it is buried above the frame/tranny crossmember. Does anyone have any hints to remove and replace the seal after dropping the driveshaft? Thanks for any help. John
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