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  1. My 1963 Avanti has a turquoise body with turquoise seats. The carpet is also a solid turquoise color. According to what I've read, the factory carpet for a '63 would have been a black and turquoise mix. However, my carpet and upholstery appear very original, so I'm wondering if some cars came with solid color carpets, or was my carpet replaced at some point? The carpet on the door panels matches the floor carpeting as well. Thanks.
  2. Follow-up to this... I followed the instructions in the article to fix the wobbly mirror and so far it's holding well. I had a glass shop cut a new round mirror glass (cost me $14) and used JB-Weld to glue the mirror into the housing. I'll see how it holds up over time.
  3. Interesting story about the swappable supercharger and A/C. My '63 came from the factory as an R2 but the first owner decided he really wanted A/C so had his Studebaker dealer remove the supercharger and added all the factory parts to make it look like an original A/C car. So the dash console has all the correct A/C vents and controls, but the car still has the Supercharged badges, 160 mph speedo, etc. It would be great if I could find a supercharger (and related parts) to be able to swap that back in. And maybe buy a new, smaller A/C compressor to be able to run both if possible!
  4. I read somewhere (maybe in this forum?) that Avantis were shipped to dealers without outside mirrors mounted and it was up to the dealer to mount them and choose the location, based on Studebaker recommendations. I also read that this was true with seat belts. The cars were shipped to dealers without seat belts installed and it was up to the dealer (and the buyer) whether to install them or not. My '63 Avanti had no outside mirrors at some point in the past (I've seen early photos) but the previous owner installed them on the fender. My car also has no seatbelts. I've considered adding seat belts, but I would probably have to lift the carpet to find the mounting points, and cut the carpet, so I have not done so.
  5. My Strato-Vue exterior mirror is very wobbly and will not stay in any position. So I am following the repair idea from an old article in Avanti Magazine (see attachment). Since the mirror glass broke during removal I had a new mirror cut. My question is about gluing the mirror to the metal housing. The mirror glues to a small lip around the perimeter of the housing. The glass guy who cut the mirror said to be careful about what adhesive I use because some adhesives will eat away at the reflective coating on the mirror. He has some adhesives that would not damage the mirror, but they say they are for indoor use only. Any suggestions about what adhesive would be best for this? Thanks!
  6. Thanks @Gunslinger. My car came to me with a slight discoloration from gas spilled below the filler, so I will definitely be cautious.
  7. I took my 63 Avanti to the gas station today. The fuel gauge showed one mark above empty. I put the gas nozzle all the way into the filler neck and filled it until it clicked off. I assumed it was full. But it only took 6.7 gallons. I was afraid to fill it more due to the risk of spilling fuel on the body. Is it true that our cars have 21 gallon tanks? If so, do others find that gas pumps click off too early? Should I keep filing it further? Perhaps something about the design of the filler neck signals the pump to shut off too soon, or maybe my fuel gauge is inaccurate. I'm looking for experience here. Note: I had a Triumph Spitfire that had the fuel tank filler just in front of the trunk lid, right behind the seats, in the center of the car. I once overfilled it and gas poured and sprayed everywhere, and with the top down, it was not pretty. So I'm hesitant to overfill.
  8. Has the car cover sold? If not, which model of Covercraft cover is this? Thanks.
  9. One of these lights is burned out in my 63 Avanti. How exactly does one remove the light cover to replace the bulb? There are no screws or obvious clips. Do you just pry it off? And if so, from what side should I pry? I certainly don't want to bend or damage the chrome trim. Thanks in advance.
  10. Did you purchase these? If so, we’re they a direct replacement? Did they improve your lighting? Thanks.
  11. @Kennie B.- Did you have to weld the Hedman tips onto the exhaust pipe? Here is my current set up with wide-open tips. It looks like the U-clamp might just hold the exhaust tip in place without welding, but I'm curious about your experience.
  12. My '63 came to me with glass pack mufflers and they are pretty loud. They are especially loud at lower speeds; it's a bit too reverberant inside the car for my liking. I like a low rumble, but I would like to reduce the volume if I can without replacing the mufflers. Is that what these tips would do? And would these effect the power in any way? The tips on my exhaust pipes have no baffles now. Did you have to weld the Hedman resonator tips? Would I just remove the exhaust hangers near the tips and simply replace the existing tips. Or are the tips typically welded on? I'm not sure what you mean by the "banging"... my engine doesn't have any backfires or bangs, just a bit too loud for my ears. Thanks, Will
  13. Mine is the turquoise interior with the flat control knobs. The one with the round knobs was from the History Channel video on Avanti. Let me know what you have for spare panels. I might be interested. Thanks.
  14. Transition meaning from 1963 to 1964? What would the console panel with A/C look like without the four slots? Just a solid panel with the control knobs?
  15. I have a 1963 Avanti R2. The original owner had a Studebaker dealer remove the supercharger and add air-conditioning. So the center console has Avanti-correct A/C vents and controls. My question is that the center control area (and the console ash tray) are both finished in woodgrain trim, while the main instrument cluster is finished in Fawn paint. At first I assumed that the woodgrain was a contact paper add-on (it kind of looks like it could just peel off). But then I watched the History Channel special on Studebaker Avanti, and they showed one with the same woodgrain in the center console and Fawn paint around the gauges. So now I'm wondering if that interior combination was an option from Studebaker. See the photos. The turquoise interior is mine and the orange interior is from the History Channel video. If I considered peeling off the woodgrain on mine, would I likely find fawn paint, unfinished metal, or something else? If it was indeed an original Studebaker interior option, then I will leave it alone.
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