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  1. Beautiful!! You should have a picture of it next to the electric one!! Its silver as well!! I've grown up with my dad always having 1 sometimes 2 that he owned!! I don't know why he has always loved these cars but they are definitely unique! He passed away almost 2 years ago and left me his 1963. Look at mine!! Its being garaged for now!!!
  2. I have a 1963 Avanti for sale. My dad has had it for 33 years! I've had it for the last 2. Its had upholstery and paint redone about 7 years ago and carb but do have original. Its a daily driver kept in great shape. I doubt he drove it more than 300 miles yearly!! He kept it running but only took to gas station around the block and back!! Kept it in better shape than he did himself. No rust and hog troughs are good!! Originally from Sacramento. He bought in 1985. Its in Arizona now. Asking $17,500.00! 480/430-3261!!
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