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  1. Glad you like them- since he is retiring soon, I want to make sure that these parts make it back out to people who will use them, and not end up scrapped. Good luck!
  2. Hi everyone- I found a guy who has a bunch of Avanti parts in Los Angeles. He seemed reasonable on pricing, it seems like he wants to get this stuff out of there and retire: but he wants to get reasonable prices on this stuff. If you are interested in anything, give them a call. His number is listed in the link to photos. Im just helping out to make sure these parts arent scrapped when he retires... Im sure he would be open to people buying individual parts, as well as someone who wants to buy the lot (or a large portion of it) Everything looks to be from about mid fifties to mid sixties, nothing earlier. Lark Hawk Avanti - Hoods - Trunks - Lots of doors, some with glass, cranks, and still have door cards - Some glass (windshields and back windows, along with door glass that is still in a bunch of the doors) - Dashes - Packard Engine block (brand new, never been used!) - 4 transmissions - Quarter Panels - 2 avanti chassis - A pile of what look to be cut-up avanti fiberglass body parts The most important part: the photos https://photos.app.goo.gl/KCNW2PFBZSaJkSiR8 He also wants to sell his Avanti II, I didnt get any pictures of it, but you can see it in this shot https://s3-media3.fl.yelpcdn.com/bph...jvlY-yhA/o.jpg Its been customized a LOT (fiberglass body work), so its going to be someone who doesnt mind that. Some of the changes are not the best design decisions... Probably would be best to deal with him directly. If you need someone local to help out- if you need more photos or something- I can stop by and help. But try talking with Eddy first.
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