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  1. Sold on eBay for the asking price. New owner in Georgia.
  2. Thanks for the encouragement. That may have helped a bidder make the reserve after only two days. Now we have to wait a few more days for the auction end to see if someone tops that.
  3. My fine Avanti is now at eBay. Item number 293181704081. Low miles. Auction with a reserve. Paid transport. If interested call to discuss and I might whisper the reserve.
  4. Which engine? Don't be discouraged by lack of attention at eBay. Four door Avantis there have not done well. One has to be an Avanti "collector".
  5. More interesting than the car (to me) is Sherwood Egbert who is credited with Avanti development. Unfortunately he did not survive to see its popularity.
  6. Gunny, You really didn't have to explain. Not buying from a Cowboy was a meant as prevarication. All Avanti-dom knows how much you care about the mark. You have often advised me.
  7. Then why oh why is he GUNSLINGER and his eBay moniker is "double-b-ranch?
  8. I have listed other cars on both. I am familiar. Sale is determined by price you want for the car. Little else.
  9. Who would buy a used car from a Cowboy?
  10. I am familiar with BaT. Their "sponsorship" does get higher prices. They require extensive pictures and they write the copy based on what the seller tells them. recorded information, and their knowledge of the market and prices. They also charge quite a bit for this service. Most BaT listings have a reserve. About 20% don't make the reserve and don't sell even after BaT tooling.
  11. Please suggest a starting bid. Should it be a reserve or "no reserve" listing? (It is insured for $20K.) Is the World market for Avanti improving or declining?
  12. I agree. Very inconsistent. You see if I am too high I will not have any prospects. If at market I will loose money. Hence the dilemma. For those who are serious call me for the details. 713 703 1207
  13. I should have done that first. Sorry.
  14. I don't have a price yet. If you call me we can discuss and I will tell you what I paid. Dave Pyle 713 203 1207.
  15. I'm about to list my 1982 which is a low miles 305 which needs nothing. Interested?
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