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  1. I read that too but Bill apparently replaced the starter with a smaller aftermarket starter.
  2. Head casting #1557582 so that should be an R2 right? I also added 5/16” wheel spacers to the front wheels just to check steering and found that I could turn hard either way without grinding or rubbing. I still have plenty of lug but will look into Wheels with the correct backspacing. I did manage to catch the Slick Street Stuff website online and I agree that it looks almost identical to what I see on the car. Maybe they have record and would be willing to share info. Yes we knew about the repaint. Bill liked red! You guys know your stuff! Randy
  3. Thanks again to everyone for sharing their thoughts and ideas. This car belonged to my deceased Father in Law. The family story is that he purchased the car after divorcing in 1964. He lived in or near Salem Oregon for all of his adult life. We have copies of Oregon registration as early as 1972. This car was his passion for many years. He was an engineer by trade and had a critical eye. I can see him trying to improve the handling characteristics of the car by adding all of the suspension and brake upgrades. It's easier for me to see him using a 259 block with improvements than just throwing in a stock 259. I will continue to look for clues. Bill left us with manuals, catalogs and such. I have undated pictures from a car show in Cheney WA. I also found and undated letter with a handwritten reply asking Dave Thibeault about a power steering conversion. Incidentally, the car now has a nice custom rack and pinion setup. To me the work looks to be quality. Several mechanics who have looked at the car agree. Randy
  4. You guys are killing me! I feel like I have a counterfeit Avanti. I don’t feel worthy of this forum 😧 No oil filter makes me nervous. More research to do I Guess. Randy
  5. Engine number VL2338 stamped on block. Interesting is right. Thanks for looking. Randy
  6. Hey again. Still learning about this car. I took her to shop to get her on lift and change oil. We found no filter at all instead we found a plug in the block. What the heck? Anybody have any ideas? Is it as simple as finding a base plate? Randy
  7. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to read my original post. I've always been partial to OEM type restorations but am going to run with the mods that have been made so far as they appear to be well done. Lots of little things to fix. Boost gauge and clock are broken. Everything else seems to work fine. Temp runs at 190 (on the gauge) at 60 on the highway. I love the sound of that supercharger! I don't understand it but for some reason people notice this car😈
  8. Gunslinger, thanks for the information. The tires are kumho p205 70r15. I can’t find any numbers on the wheel itself. The car sits really low in the front with new springs. FIL may have used shorter springs. I’m going to get her on a lift this week so maybe I can figure out what to do next. R
  9. Hello. I have recently been gifted a 63 Avanti R2 4spd. My father in law purchased the car sometime between 63 and 72. Sadly there isn't anyone who can tell us exactly when he bought her. She has been repainted at some point but we thought she was mostly left in stock condition. She runs and drives well but the wheels rub on the sway bar mounts in front when turning hard. It now looks as though the entire front end is new (aftermarket) including the brakes and hubs. Does anyone recognize these brakes or any of the other suspension components? Thanks for looking! R
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