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  1. I bought a radiator support and it has very different mounting brackets and bracket locations than my 1963. There is a cutout on the new one also. I am wondering what Avanti it does fit. I placed the parts next to each other to see the differences. I am thinking of cutting the new one and placing parts on the old one?
  2. where and what was cost on new gages
  3. where would you suggest running the cables? inside side of frame, right side or left? I am starting to like this change to the rear. Wish someone would send me some pictures of this change.
  4. I bought some mustang wheels for my hawk but they hit the steering link. Do these fit because the avanti has the quick steer links?
  5. What is the best way to change to a conventional battery on the inner fender of my 63 avanti. I will be replacing the inner fender on my car due to the wreck it was in. Will a new inner fender from a 65 and newer be the only modification needed? I have good fiberglass skills and fabrication skills and am considering cutout and glass in a new box location. Just dont know what the inner fender looks like where the battery would go. I am wondering if anyone has a broken inner fender that They would sell or donate for the cause? Any pictures or advice is welcome.
  6. I am looking of adding some attitude to my 1963 avanti that has the passenger front wrecked. Does anyone have any of these parts for sale
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