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  1. Hello, I'm not certain if the too good to be true post is about this car or not, but it really is for sale, it is not a scam and the car is in really good condition. I honestly don't know jack crap about these cars. I am an aircraft mechanic so I understand mechanical issues but I really don't do much with cars. I never knew the Avanti existed until my friend whom passed away showed me his. The story behind the car is it belonged to my neighbor who was a friend. He passed away and his sister is the ere to his property. The car is now titled in her name and paperwork is clear with a Texas title. She asked me if I could sell it for her I agreed, it is currently in my shop and would love to have the space back. Since I know very little about this car I will start with the things I know are wrong with the car: 1. The sunroof does not roll back, it tries but it just wont do it. 2. When the instrument lights are turned on the right blinker light comes on with them, all gauge lights do work though. 3. There is some minor spider webbing in the fiberglass around the hood, you can see them in the pictures, I took close ups. 4. There is a small chip in the windshield on the passengers side which does not appear to be growing. Other than these issues the car is very clean, starts right up, shifts fine and would make someone a really cool ride. It has been garage kept and cared for by an ASE master mechanic (my deceased friend). It was his baby and he cleaned it more than he drove it, but it drives fine. All other electronics appear to work properly, windows roll up and down, door locks work fine. Air conditioner blows cold. I was told by my friend and another avanti enthusiast that this car has the 350 engine, I don't know how to tell but that is what I am going with. If you have an easy way to verify I would be happy to verify it, Im not tearing the engine apart to find some obscure number or anything else but if there is a simple way to tell I would be happy to do it. You are more than welcome to come by the house and look at the car give it a test ride, just call me to set up an appointment, it is in the Corpus Christi area. Asking 12500 for the car. This is a very reasonable price for what you are getting. My name is Chad, (405)331-0066 call or text, call at decent times, I will get back to you as soon as possible, I can always answer text messages. I will answer any questions to the best of my ability. Not really interested in tire kickers or someone who just wants to talk about these cars, I just want to sell it and have a good deal for both people. Email is cdchucky@yahoo.com. And yes the headrests are in the trunk in good condition. The previous owner stated the engine was rebuild at some time, unfortunately I dont have paperwork on this, but it does not look like a car or engine with 102,000 miles. I will include a video if I can upload it, and yes its dusty right now, that what you see in the flaw pictures. No time to detail it. Good luck and call or text with any questions. I can text or email a video, having trouble attaching to this post.
  2. 223369715326 item number on ebay for 1980 Avanti II for sale, runs and drives great in very good condition, 350 engine. Check it out, buy in now price is 9500.00ut.
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