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  1. Great info thank you. I bought 2013 Camaro SS seats and also Cadillac CTS V seats to see which option I prefer, most likely the Cadillac due to comfort. Others will go on my 74 Camaro big block car. Your engine sounds awesome. What digital gauges did you use, aftermarket or from which donor car?
  2. Hi. I'm looking for a ruat free gas fill door for my 85 Avanti. Contact me at rpino1227@gmail.com if you have one available or where to get one.
  3. Any over the counter bolt on kits that work?
  4. Hi. I am looking to upgrade the front disc brakes on my 85. Which donor cars are a direct upgrade swap? Anyone upgraded to Brembo calipers? Any information you can share is appreciated.
  5. Hi. I'm new owner of an 85 Avanti. Factory seats in bad shape and due to low budget prefer to swap them out. I welcome input on what other cats with leather seats also would be good donors for front and rear seats that fit and what modifications wete necessary. I'm looking at 2014 Mustang GT seats but prefer to get input first. Thank you.
  6. Hi. I just bought a 1985 Avanti and the Sunroof is in disrepair (tree branch hit it and it got dislocated in one corner). I'm considering removing current system and installing a moonroof. Has anyone done a similar swap and what are your suggestions on this matter? Vehicle has original 62k miles with the 305 HO. Most likely will upgrade to a 350 or 383 later this year. I will also be needing a complete interior (dash, interior panels and seat replacement or reupholstering). Any suppliers and experiences you can share are equally appreciated. Raul Miami, FL
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