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  1. Thanks for the advice. I am continuing to do research and planning on looking at another one next week. It occured to me the "fix" for the 305 is not a 350, but a 4.3! 150 Lbs lighter, 100 more HP right out of an S10. Of course, nothing wrong with a 350 and a lot can be done to the 305. I hope I am not too over-sensitive about the steering. I am used to LBCs which have run racks since the 50's, but a box can work. For example, the Alpine I looked at yesterday used a linkage just as complicated as the Lark and it works fine. ( a rust free car that meant only all four wings and both rockers were were paint over air) It seems late cars are probably better cars, but I guess I really want an earlier II chassis as it is what says Avanti to me. Never been a purist, but believe in mods that stay within the spirit of the car. If you want something else, buy something else. I did a 5.0 in a 2500M, much in the spirit of the TVR 302 prototype. A few electrical changes made a trip in my Morgan a destination, not an adventure. The 5 speed I am putting into my B just relaxes the highway cruise. I believe in making it work as designed before doing mods. New chassis rubber, modern tires, gas shocks, tight links etc. Only then can you know if the design needs changing or it was purely a maintenance issue. The first one I drove was a "restored" car than meant it was painted with 30 year old parts. Maybe I'll get one and find out it really is a 50's Stude, and go back to British cars, but I just have to have one. Bucket list goal. I can see me being able to drive it for as long as I can drive. I can't see me folding up in my B when I m 80. RIght now, the only competition is a 67 or 68 Cougar. Chassis is just as bad ( I had several Mustangs) but like the Avanti, I just seem to like it. Of course the Fords are called "rustangs" for a reason. Not sure I am up for 6 months of metal work on a rotisserie again.
  2. Is it possible to retrofit a late bumper car with earlier chrome or repo bumpers?
  3. OK, I am a little British car guy. But I have dreamed of an Avanti since probably when they were introduced. I drove up to NJ a while back and drove a "restored" and I use that word loosely, series II and it drove like a worn out Lark. Not sure the steering wheel was attached to anything, Engine had less power than my MGB, the interior was cheap vinyl, and it looked jacked up and ungainly. Discouraged, but I have not given up. I am sure it was just a messed up car. ( Fancy resell red paint job was the main restoration I believe) I am about ready for my next project. I want more of a GT, not a sports car. It needs automatic, and AC. Room for luggage. It needs to be the car that when I go to the garage, I naturally get in it. I believe with very little effort any of the Avanti's could be tweaked to fit that bill. It should not be much harder than getting an old Mustang to be reasonably civil. I understand it is a 60's car built on a 50's running gear. I don't expect it to handle like my GTI or cruse like a Lexus. It should drive as well as my Sonoma, which is quite serviceable. Can the Lark front steering be made reasonably precise, or does it need major replacement? Just a bad steering box and worn out links, or does it need something different? It does look like a Rube Goldberg design. Regular Hochkiss rear drive. Not a problem to deal with. Should be able to do disk power brakes with not too much difficulty. Crate SBC and newer 700R should fix the engine. Other than the hog troughs on the Lark chassis, what should I be looking for? Can the late ugly bumper cars be made to look like intended? ( I have done plenty of FG work.) Which forums should I be lurking in to figure what I should go for? Any unobtainable parts I need to be sure are n good nick for whatever I buy?
  4. Seems the owner went and did a bunch of kiddy racer mods after it was delivered and it no longer worked that well. Was probably a good buy to return it to how the professionals did it. Just my guess watching and seeing the post.
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