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  1. Hello All, I've never had an Avanti before, but I just bought RQA-0209. She has a 4 speed and a/c. She is currently White but was originally green. Body is very sound and mechanicals are respectable and getting better. Interior is pretty presentable and appears to be mostly original. Frame needs love. Honestly I never had any interest in Avanti's before last week, but when I gained a little education on them and saw this one with a 327 and a 4-speed it piqued my interest. Upon examining the car I was excited about the interior design and many of the other stylistic touches with the door handles, quarter windows and trunk lid hinges. I look forward to learning from experienced owners. I will have plenty of questions I'm sure. One of the first things I need to find is the rear bumper. The previous owner stated when he first bought the car he left the bumper blade leaning up against his garage door when he first brought home the car, and someone stole it from in front of his garage that night. I live in Middle Tennessee. Just wanted to say hi for now.
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