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  1. Hello, I need to have my 63 Avanti painted. Have seen the ads in our magazine from Brad Bez, Mike Baker & Michael Myers. Just hoping to get some recommendations before I contact one of them. Thanks
  2. Thanks for the reply. I will need to find out how to get pre qualified.
  3. 426 Elephant


    Hello, Would someone explain Authenticity vs Concours judging to me? Also what is meant by “pre-qualified” for authenticity judging? I am a new Avanti owner and was wondering if I should have my car judged. No where near the condition to get a blue ribbon but I’d like to find out what is correct and what is not on my car. Thanks
  4. Hello, The black on the 63 wheel cover - is it paint or an applique. Mine need a little love and I am not sure how to proceed. Thanks for your assistance
  5. Sorry, thought I posted this in the Pub section.
  6. Just received the Fall/Winter magazine online and I can't believe the 2019 International Meet is in Dayton, OH. I just bought my R2 in November and I live in Columbus. Very excited to see a bunch of Avantis and meeting some Avanti fans. Who's planning on going?
  7. How is this change received by judges if you want to have your Avanti judged?
  8. Just unloaded from the semi and is now sitting in my garage. Had to run back to the office, so looking forward to checking it out. Special thanks to Sal and to Terry.
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