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  1. Has anyone removed the moon roof and patched with fiberglass. I work at a body shop, painting cars, and just started learning more bodywork. I know i can do this so I'm curious if anyone else has, how did you do it? Also stuck between 2 colors for my 83. Chrysler's/Dodge plum crazy purple Or A house of kolor pearl white with glow in the dark powder that I have at work thrown in the paint
  2. Hello trying to get my new vortec 350 running in my 83. cant remember where the engine mount ground wire bolts to. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. So would it be dangerous if i lets say delete the bumper and patch the cutouts with fiberglass and not put the mounts to the bumper back on the frame
  4. Glowshifts from their own website. I think it was around $900 or 1000 for 7 gauges.
  5. While doing the bodywork im going to remove the front chrome bumper and cut and patch the fiberglass. Would anyone be intersted in buying this bumper? It's in really good condition and is coming off my 83 with 59k miles. I'm not sure how much it is worth so if you pay shipping I will take the best offer I can get on it (i would just give it away but I could use whatever I can get for it) I will take pictures of it tomorrow and post them. Just private message me on here if interested.
  6. Just got my engine and trans out this past weekend. (Was my first time ever doing such a task) Went very smooth. Now I'm torn between choosing a rebuilt 1967 327 1.6 roller rockers 268XE Comp cam, lunati flat tap lifters. 0 decked for high compression, flat top pistons few other accessories ect. Or a basically stock ls1 with harness ecu ect and a t56. I am interested in hearing what others opinions are.
  7. The owner of the body shop i work at has a ls hookup and im most likely going with a ls & single turbo setup
  8. Ill have to take another picture tomorrow when i get home sorry
  9. Assuming this is the hog trough? Not sure to be honest. But im concerned of the integrity of it. Any thoughts?
  10. Okay how about this. Are there any rear ends you think of with disc brakes i can replace the dana 44 with?
  11. Has anyone done a drum to disc brake conversion?? Are there kits available?
  12. Oh i didnt know the knobs came off haha i was trying for 20 minutes to get them off carefully.
  13. Just managed to disconnect all my gauges and label wires without removing my dash. Im confident installation of new digital gauges will be just as easy. Also, since I'm never selling my 83, if anyone is interested in buying the original gauges p.m. me. I will give you a deal. Speedometer has 59k miles and all gauges work except for rpm.
  14. Almost have the bezel off just can exactly be sure how to disconnect the levers. Any help would be appreciated.
  15. Working on new gauges in my 83. The water gauge doesnt have a wire on the top left terminal. Is that normal or am i missing a wire? Gauge worked well untill i replaced the thermostat sending unit in the side of the block. Thanks
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