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  1. THANKS ALL!!! Pulled relay and light went out. Checked relay 3 legs and all showed continuity To my knowledge that is not correct. Bought new relay from Advance $22.00 on 6/29. Checked new relay legs continuity between 2 but not 3rd . Installed relay NO JOY. Light still came on. Checked relay plug with engine running and relay in. Brown wire from Alternator had 12V, Red and Green on same terminal (Green goes to Carb choke) had 12V and Blue also had 12 volts. Now to trace where the Red and Blue wire go to. Some discussion refers to wire from oil pressure switch, looked but did
  2. On my 84 Avanti the red led located between Tach and Speedometer just came on when engine is started. NOT the Brake light also located between them. Does anyone know what it is for see below Thanks, Jeff G.
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