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  1. I've seen this car in person and know the owner. The car lives in Palm Springs. VtMike, it does not have both - only A/C. There was a story behind the Supercharged script on the fenders, but it doesn't come to mind. But the car is just as good as it looks in this video. Other than filling in the holes in the trunk that Sailingaventure mentioned, there were two other things I noticed - The armrest has carpet whereas mine has a chrome trim piece. Also, the spring broke on the vanity mirror in the glove box - on mine, when you pull out the drawer, the mirror pops up automatically.
  2. I have a question. My 1963 (Serial Number R4581) is an R1 with automatic and A/C. Last weekend, I drove from L.A. to Palm Springs and back - both with the A/C on (which was working correctly, cycling on and off). Even so, the interior was just comfortable. I could not believe how much heat was coming from the automatic shift lever. Is this normal operation? Has anyone figured out how to make it so the heat transfer from the transmission does not transfer to the passenger compartment? Thanks.
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