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  1. RHO

    Avanti Battery

    Got it. Thanks.
  2. RHO

    Avanti Battery

    OK, that is the cable/cable end on the car when we acquired it. I haven't been able to find a picture of the correct cable in searches.
  3. RHO

    Avanti Battery

    OK, thanks. I installed that "quick release" terminal fitting so as to disconnect the battery due to a battery drain somewhere.
  4. The negative battery cable terminal in my '83 Avanti gets too hot to touch even after just a few miles. Is this normal?
  5. I recently acquired an Avanti workshop manual but need clarification of the instructions in the fuel tank section. I would prefer to not have to drop the gas tank for access to the gas gauge sending unit. At the back of the trunk is mounted a tool pouch with a “louvered” panel in the lower right section but I do not know what is used for. In the manual: 1. How do you remove the rear seat cushion and seat back cushion? It was not obvious to me. 2. What is the rear seat back inner panel? Figure 1 in the shop manual shows it pretty tight in there. Is the sending unit removable for repair or replacement? The instructions as I interpret them leads one to believe the tank has to be removed before access. Hope that is not the case. Thanks
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