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  1. I have a good S/C core for sale right now. I also have a pulley and R2 carb bonnet. See Parts for Sale on this forum.
  2. One good rebuildable core from my '63 R2. It needs a new drive element set (1558168 in hte parts catalog). Outer races and spring pack look fine. $450 plus shipping from Newberg Or.
  3. The service manual states that under no circumstances should you run the supercharger more than idle speed without the hose connected to the carburetor. Any idea why that is? Maybe I damaged the SC while I was trying to figure out the poor running. (It turned out to be a failed intake manifold gasket. Someone used a felt gasket instead of steel.)
  4. Good Idea! I just "bought it now." What might my core be worth, anyone?
  5. The SC on my '63 R2 began making much noise. Today I pulled it off. (The manual says to push the idler arm toward the engine. It does not say how to push it.) I can barely turn the pulley by hand. Hmmmm. So it's time to get it rebuilt. Does anyone have a recommendation on who does a good rebuild? Thanks. Frank
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