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  1. Please let me know if you have them. Maybe I can find another set to go with them. Thanks, Ed GA, 31523
  2. I need a set of seat tracks and sliders to fit a '63 Avanti. Also looking for a very nice early style hood support, 1336801, or has anyone found a suitable replacement from another vehicle? Atwood made a lot of this type support for various cars in the 50's and 60's. Another option for me would be hood struts that are known to work on Avantis. Thanks, Ed Brunswick, Ga 31523
  3. Mike Myer said the head gasket problem is not uncommon with 289 engines. Don't know why. I assumed the coolant turned acidic and ate away at the gasket. I don't know nuthin bout boilin no pine trees. Ed
  4. Selling the 289 R1 engine complete with AC and P/S from my '63 Avanti R-2185, and PowerShift trans. with torque converter, cross member and driveshaft. A head gasket failed while the car was garaged and water damaged one cylinder, so a standard overhaul will be needed. The car ran and drove fine until then, with no other repairs needed. Selling the complete engine, less the ignition shields, aluminum water pump pulley and air cleaner assy., which are available separately. Includes the York compressor, power steering pump, AFB, nice valve covers, etc. Upgrades include Honda alternator, C
  5. Others have noted lower temps after installing the Saturn air dam on the bottom of the radiator core support. Supposedly, the dam causes turbulence that helps cool the tunnel and underside of the floor, and increases air flow through the radiator. I plan to add one to my '63 if I can ever find one. What I am doing is insulating the tunnel and floor pan with DEI heat shield, which is made for use under the car. With that and insulation throughout the interior, it should be cooler and quieter inside, although I'm a few months away from driving it.
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