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  1. On my Avanti with a Factory AC system that was installed after the care was made. I have a in line fuse holder on the power wire to the switches. I don't remember exactly where it is located. It blew once when the clutch on the compressor shorted. Your wiring to the switches does not look like the factory wiring. Ron
  2. I have a mistake in a previous post. Bulb 1004 is a double contact bulb. The ground is via one of the contacts not the outer shell of the bulb. It has been a long time since I replaced any of the interior bulbs. Ron
  3. According to the Avanti service manual both the Dome light and the Map (courtesy) light use the same bulb a Number 1004 which is a single contact. Ground is via the outer shell of the bulb. From the drawing I can not tell if the power wire is run through the switch that is mounted on the light assemblies. According to the diagram for the Courtesy light power is supplied to the bulb at all times. The ground for the bulb is via a switch . You are unable to turn off the courtesy light via the switch on the light assembly In one position the light is on all the time and the other p
  4. Dumb question. Could one take a little and apply it to a primed piece of metal to have it scanned by a paint store. Ron
  5. If the bulb is good, the bulb socket is good, there is the correct voltage to the correct bulb and the bulb has a good ground; the bulb has to light If not go back to step one. To test for a good ground, use a good digital multi meter set to its lowest ohm scale . You are looking for close to zero ohms. If the meter goes to infinity; go to a higher scale until you get a reading. Then test various ground connections until the ohm rearing decreases. You could also run a temporary wire from the battery right to the bulb. I my self use an auto ranging Fluke that cost less then 10
  6. Do I understand you correctly; you are now using LED bulbs in all locations. For one thing LED bulbs are polarity sensitive. Another it takes a very little of a ground connection to light a LED bulb. Being a retired electrician; when we encountered old knob and Tube wiring (all black) we would take a LED test light. (for 120 volts) hold one end of the test lead between two fingers and touch the other test lead to one of the black wires. When the LED illuminated; we found the hot wire. Oh by the way we were not in any way grounded standing on a fiberglass ladder. Still sounds like
  7. Unless you rare testing for the presence of voltage it is always a good practice to remove any source of electricity while testing. Less chance of letting the smoke out of the wires and maybe confusing the meter. You are looking for zero (or close to it) ohms between the object you are testing and the grounded terminal on the battery Or you could test to any substantially grounded metal part of the car. Ron
  8. Power is brought to all 3 lights. The 1 light that is under the dash board is turned on by bring ground to the light by the door switches. The 2 interior lights are turned on individually by the switches on them. Fist check for power at the 3 lights; Then disconnect the cars battery Then check for a ground at the 2 interior lights Then or a ground at the courtesy light when a door is open Ron
  9. I believe you should be able to reach the part of the latch bolted to the trunk lid through the hatch A 7/16 socket and a few long extensions and remove the 2 bolts Ron
  10. If the colored diagram I have is correct; the circuit is on the fuse farthest away from the flasher and circuit breaker. (Black Line) The Dome, Courtesy, trunk, cigar lighter , and reverse light should all be on the same circuit.I do not see a notation for the glove box light. might be on the same circuit. It is circuit 36 from the service manual. Not sure if the cigar lighter is on circuit 36 as the service manual shows it on58 and its light on 55 Have fun my old eyes are going crossed Ron
  11. The original factory AC system in an Avanti; is a stand alone. Not connected to the heating or ventilation system. There ore 2 knobs on the AC face plate. The left one controls the temperature temperature and the left turns on both the AC fan motor speed and engages the AC compressor clutch. If I recall correctly mine has a fuse hanging someplace; (I forget where) not in the fuse block. Yours might be different as mine is a factory system installed after the car was made. Ron
  12. No I would think #4 would be longer. ;maybe others Ron
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